Eyetrepreneur Celebrates Their 1st Year

Eyetrepreneur, “The Podcast For Wizards of Eyes,” is celebrating its 1-year anniversary. With more than 80 audio recordings and 80 educational YouTube videos, it has become a dependable weekly educational resource for learning about innovation from eyecare industry pioneers they call “wizards.” The podcast was launched in March 2019 and founded by Perry Brill and Raymond Brill, OD, MBA, FAAO, FOAA. Together, they co-host two podcasts per week.

Eyetrepreneur is more than podcast though, it’s a social movement for success within the
eyecare space. It currently shares knowledge through its omnichannel approach of:

● Facebook group
● Monthly Facebook Live podcasts
● Recorded podcasts, 2 weekly
● Facebook page (public)
● Weekly email newsletter
● Instagram
● YouTube channel

Eyetrepreneur now offers the industry’s first 24/7 eyecare text hotline FREE of charge to ECPs. Anybody can text 913-660-2855 for answers to optical, business, management, and clinical questions. No question is off-limits. The text hotline was designed because sometimes ECPs just need quick advice or suggestions from their peers who have a combined knowledge of 50 years in the industry.

Dr. Brill says “it feels good to give back. I’ve learned a tremendous amount in running my private practice Brill Eye Center in Mission, KS for 38 years. There’s no reason for me not to share my trade secrets. I just want to see my colleague succeed!” Perry says, “the goal of the podcast was to bring light to people who movers and shakers in the industry but aren’t getting the credit they deserve. We encourage ECPs to listen, watch, and peruse the thoughts of independent eyecare leaders — we call them Wizards. You will know some of them, but most travel under the radar, until now.”

The Eyetrepreneur podcast is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify, and more. These podcasts are meant to electrify new thoughts about the traditional methods of optical, medical, business, and management concepts. Join Dr. Brill and Perry on the journey to the discovery of what can be a catalyst for change in your business or practice–or at least spark some worthy conversation.

Dr. Raymond Brill says, “There’s so much opportunity for eyecare professionals on the retail, wholesale, scholarly and manufacturing sides to collaborate with each other for the betterment of the profession. In a time of so much doom and gloom from internet pressures and disruptive innovations, the opportunity for extreme advancement is also so readily available if professionals want to apply themselves and execute on their goals.”

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