Eyewear Artwalk 2024 – Where Eyewear and Art Converge

Eyewear Artwalk 2024

Get ready to embark on a journey that blends the world of eyewear and optometry with the captivating realm of artistry. The inaugural Eyewear Artwalk 2024 roadshow is set to reinvigorate eyewear professionals and enthusiasts as they explore brands, styles, and artistic inspiration. 

These 3-day experiences promise to be a pop-up immersive masterpiece, educating eyecare professionals with innovative sessions while connecting directly with consumers, unlike any other event in the industry.

Join leading industry innovators including 20/20 Now, Kirk & Kirk, KAZOKU Lunettes, Casanova Venezia, Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT), and many others to demand more from the optical industry.

Curated to cater to both optical professionals and discerning consumers, Eyewear Artwalk is the ultimate fusion of creativity, innovation, and style. This groundbreaking experience is designed to provide attendees with a fresh perspective on discovering new eyewear brands, exploring styles that resonate with their unique tastes, and indulging in the magic of artistry.

Eyewear Artwalk will house a 3-day experience in 7 cities across the US: Los Angeles, Nashville, Denver, New York, Chicago, Austin, and Miami.

Eyewear professionals are in for a treat with insightful keynote sessions and hands-on workshops that delve into the fascinating intersection of consumerism and art. The star-studded team of presenters has a successful history of innovation from the 4-year My Vision Show and Optical Metaverse platforms. Plus, our education partner IOT will be on-site providing continuing education (CE) credits for all eyecare professionals. 

From groundbreaking design techniques to the latest trends that are shaping the eyewear landscape, attendees will gain invaluable knowledge and inspiration to elevate their practice and delight their clients.

Inspired by the artists, frame designers from around the world will curate unique eyewear collections that attendees can buy directly. This proves to optical professionals which collections attendees are engaging with, verifying data before acting on it.

In a world where the eyewear industry is constantly evolving, Eyewear Artwalk brings a fresh perspective that goes beyond the same traditional conferences. 

This event isn’t just about lectures and networking – it’s a dynamic exploration of how eyewear and art intertwine, shaping the way we see the world, literally and figuratively. 

By uniting the best of both worlds, Eyewear Artwalk provides an unparalleled platform for professionals and enthusiasts to connect, learn, and be inspired.

Unlock a new world of inspiration and aesthetic exploration as Eyewear Artwalk 2024 unfolds. Grab your tickets for the dates below at EyewearArtwalk.com. 

Los Angeles

April 18-20, 2024


May 16-18, 2024


June 13-15, 2024

New York

July 18-20, 2024


August 15-17, 2024


October 24-26, 2024


December 5-7, 2024

Join Eyewear Artwalk as they redefine the boundaries of eyewear and art, and discover the endless possibilities that await. Tickets and sponsorships are on sale now. For more information, please visit www.EyewearArtwalk.com and follow us on social media @EyewearArtwalk.

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