Eyewear for Men’sDay – Head to Toe Accessories

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No outfit is complete without accessories. They complement your outfit and show off your personal style. This season incorporate these “head-to-toe” accessories into your getup for the perfect finishing touch.

Trade in your baseball cap for a more practical hat! Trapper hats lined with fur or shearing are sure to keep your ears protected from the wind. Knit beanies will keep your noggin warm and cozy, and they work well with both casual and dressy outerwear. Wide-brimmed hats, also known as Amish hats, have been included in multiple designers’ fall collections. This masculine style exudes confidence and provides a bit of retro flair.

This winter trend for the toes involves an essential but often over-looked piece: socks! Add some pizzazz to your muted winter wardrobe with a pair of “statement-makers.” Choose stripes, argyles, bright colors – the possibilities are endless! And the best part is, there’s no right or wrong way to match your socks to your shoes. According to GQ.com, you can complement your shoes with classic designs or contrast with funky patterns for a bold, modern look. So mix and match for a look that’s completely unique to you!

Tie your “head-to-toe” look together with Marc Ecko Cut & Sew Disruptor. Disruptor is a sleek acetate sun with a dark pewter top brow featuring knurled texturing. With a tooled logo plaque, poly carbonate lenses and the signature laser shears logo, Disruptor is available in Black, Brown Fade and Green Olive Tortoise. View the style: http://www.cvoptical.com/marcecko/index.html