Eyewear Trend Report June 2011

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Legre Eyewear

Our monthly eyewear- sunwear report for the month of June 2011. New companies arriving monthly, brand licenses changing, collaborations increasing whether with basketball stars or designers, Eco friendly eyewear continues to increase with one new Wood Eyewear this month. The strongest trend this month is alliances with vision charities or give back programs.

You can check out our Facebook page (and feel free to Like Us) on The Optical Journal for photos. Our updated photo albums are: Wacky Eyewear, Patriotic Eyewear, Visored Eyewear, Animalistic Eyewear, Knotty Eyewear (Macrame, Knitted eyewear) Playful Panda Eyewear, Music Themed Eyewear, Masked Eyewear

New Eyewear Companies

Macrame Sunglasses by Claude Bossett

Toms Shoes Launches Toms Glasses– One For One Business Model- Vision Charities

anni- Shades- Wood Eyewear a Growing Business (also Eco Friendly Eyewear)

Eco Friendly Human Hair Eyewear (also Eco Friendly Eyewear)

Designed by Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves, the human hair and resin combo on this eyewear looks pretty good, almost a wood-like grain.

Republic Eyewear- Patriotic Eyewear From Newfoundland (also Patriotic Eyewear)

Eyewear License Updates

Marchon signs Ferragamo Eyewear

Dunkmen Eyewear x Shaquille O’Neal x Forever K Michael (YouTube Eyewear Video)

Zoobug Inks Deal For Childrens Olympic Glasses (also Patriotic Eyewear)

Randolph Engineering For Michael Bastian RE Signature Eyewear

Dita Signs Thom Browne Eyewear Licenses (View pics on Facebook under Shield Eyewear)

Marchon Signs Valentino Eyewear License

Safilo Ends Valentino Eyewear Licenses

Safilo Extends Steve McQueen Eyewear Licenses

Gaddafi To Launch His Own Eyewear Line (Rumor only)

Eyewear Trends: Limited Edition

Upper Playground Limited Edition Ski Glasses

Oakley’s Limited Edition 3D Transformers

$200,000 Emerald Eyeglasses

he lenses are emeralds and it took 5 years to find, shape and polish. Inspired by Nero who supposely wore emerald eyeglasses during gladiator fights.

Drift Eyewear Limited Edition (Also Eco Friendly Eyewear And Wood Eyewear)

Bulgari x Luxottica New limited edition Jewelry Eyewear

Eyewear Trends: Like Me Contests

Montblanc Eyewear Contests (YouTube Video)

Eyewear Trends- One For One Business Model x Giving Back x Activistism

Toms Shoes x Toms Glasses One For One (New Eyewear With Give Back )

Paws N Claws Eyewear Gives Back To ASPCA (new eyewear company)

Free Ai WeiWei Paper Glasses

Warby Parker Teams With Invisible Children (Give back Eyewear collaboration)

Jimmy Fairly- French One For One Raises 200 K (also new eyewear company)

Mykita ‘Franz” To Benefit Japan (also Limited Edition)

Tortoise And Blonde Eyewear Donate Over $230,000

Warby Parker x Suno (Also Limited Edition)

Eyewear Trends- Flowers

Daisy Fuentes- Flower Eyewear by Zyloware

Eyewear Trends- Technology x Virtual Dressing Room x Apps

The Vision Council UV App




Zioneyez- Social Media Eyewear

Total Immersion Launches TryLive, Accessory Shopping Online

Mark Ecko- Launches Virtual Tryon by Clearvision Optical

Oscar Magnuson iPhone App

The Vision Council iPhone App

Eyewear Trends: Weird Eyewear

Twigged Out on JSong Eyewear (Eyewear on The Runway)

Agatha Ruiz Del La Prada Fan Eyewear (Eyewear on the Runway)

Sunglass Suspenders by Jean Charles de Castelbajac (Eyewear on The Runway)

Armoured Plated Eyewear by KTZ

Spooky Spidey Eyes

Japanese Eyewear- Spooky Spiders

Linda Farrow x Van Beirendonck Diamond Faceted Mask Eyewear (Eyewear on the Runway)

Wacky Eyewear – Artistic Expresssion

Eyewear Trends- Patriotic Eyewear (see more on The Optical Journal Facebook Page under Patriotic Eyewear)

Patriotic Eyewear For Cameroon, Uzbetkistan And Bahamas

Designer Eyewear

YSL Spring Summer Eyewear 2011 (YouTube Eyewear Video)

Judith Leiber Deja Vue Eyewwear

Moschino Spring Summer Runway Video

Louis Vuitton Eyewear With Chain

Flagrantly Fendi

New Eyewear

Notable Josie Natori Eyewear by Zyloware

Derapage Tornado Eyewear (YouTube Video)

Triple X Eyewear Video (YouTube Video)

Coveting Cazal’s Legend Eyewear

Legre’s Wood Grained Eyewear by Legre Eyewear

Blue Inspiration by Legre

Cruz Eyewear- Inspiration New York, by A&A Optical

Cruz Eyewear by A&A Optical are named after famed New York Streets, Madison and Park Avenue reflect the sophistication of east coast trends and are style-worthy of any New York fashion eyewear.

McGee Oregon Bend Collection

Argyleculture Eyewear Released (Russell Simmons Eyewear collection by McGee Group)

The McGee Group introduces ARGYLECULTURE by Russell Simmons Named after Music Legends.

Jonathan Paul New Nagari Collection

LaFont  Eyewear Video

Wiley X New Slay With Polarized Lenses (Sunwear)

International Eyewear

Giuliano Fujiwara Retro Eyewear for  2012 (Japan)

Alex Barusco- Italian Eyewear

Italian Eyewear Vespucci Me

Japanese Eyewear Design= Kagero Design Works (Japan)

Cantao Brazilian Eyewear (Brazil)

Eyewear Trend: Interchangeable Temples

Pantone Eyewear Video

New Eyewear- Children- Teens

Vera Bradley For Girls by McGee

Oio Eyewear For Kids by Tura

Puma’s signature color red along with electric blue, bright yellow, orange and green are used as accent colors. By Charmant

Puma Eyewear For Teens by Charmant

Affliction Eyewear Behind The Scenes (YouTube Video)

Eyewear Design And Awards x Art

Tag Heuer Wins Red Dot Award

Arielle Falk Exhibition- Sunwear For the Face

Novelty Eyewear

Nemo Flippin Fish Sunwear

Reuse Computer Parts- Make Eyewear

Agatha Ruiz Del La Prada and here she is in Puerto Rico showing her love of color and a sense of humor. The eyewear fan has her signature heart and colors