Eyewear Trends: Chevrons

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If you are on Pinterest, you will see Chevron stairs, chevron clothes, chevron shoes, chevron nails, chevron… this list goes on and on. Chevron is an inverted V design usually used in a badge for the military or if you are in the USA, Chevron gas stations. The use of Chevron designs goes back to 1800 BC, where is was found in pottery shards.. Who knew.

FYSH Eyewear, ever on the cutting edge just introduced a Chevron designed eyewear pattern coming in fantastical color combinations. Slightly uplifted shaped, corner chevrons on the eyewear providing a little uplift and a sporty racing chevron stripe on the temple.


FySH 3501
FySH 3501





Distributed by WestGroupe, and Classique Eyewear

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