Eyewear Trends- Summer- Fall 2009

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Typically, trends aren’t born in an economy such as ours today.  The marketplace isn’t ripe with consumers willing to risk their hard-earned cash on fads.  They are, however, more comfortable buying into what feels nostalgic and familiar.   

What’s more nostalgic and familiar than “classic”?  Classic Rock and Classic Vintage have long been part of the fashion vernacular and now that eyewear is more associated with fashion then it’s ever been, these influences can be seen in all brands, at every price point. 

This summer, the rock edge has never been stronger in eyewear. Sharper, more dramatic shapes coupled with rich, hard-core materials like leather and metal studding can be seen throughout collections.  The fashion-savvy are drawn to these new styles because of the fresh appeal. Technology and manufacturing techniques are allowing eyewear designers to push the envelope just a bit. With a few extra embellishments, eyewear becomes a statement, not just a necessity.


The early adapters, and those that understand the sensibility and quality of vintage pieces are not to be undersold.  They too have options as we trend toward more streamlined, simplified styling for Fall 2009.  Aviators, Navigators, and core shapes are being infused with signature touches and details that reflect an era of sophistication that has long been forgotten.  Keep your eye out for finer details like coining and filigree coupled with antique finishes to finish off the fall season

Submitted by Thomas Ferguson, Designer- Focus Group West

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