Facebook Stories And Eyecare Professionals

Facebook announced last week that Facebook Stories will soon be made available to all Pages, meaning brands as well as people. 

Facebook Stores have yet to take off the way they have on sister site, Instagram. Just a few months after Instagram started Instagram Stories (a clone of the main feature if Snapchat) over 250 million people use it daily. That compares to 173 million total users of Snapchat.

Facebook has yet to release or promote the numbers for Facebook Stories which lead many experts to believe the feature has yet to gain much traction of Facebook as of yet. It is however growing, and if Facebook decides to truly put their weight behind it as they did video last year, you will see Facebook Stories all over the place.

While it seems Facebook stories have yet to take off, as this becomes more widely available for businesses, this could be a great opportunity for those who are adventurous and like marketing ahead of the curve to get their messages front and center. This means you will soon have an opportunity to promote your business at the top of every one of your Followers Pages.

Facebook has also alluded that they will soon more tightly link Facebook and Instagram so what you post in Facebook Stories can be cross-posted to Instagram stories…or vice versa. That could possibly be a wonderful 1, 2 punch.

The ability to promote a brand on Facebook Stories could help counter the declining organic reach for Pages most of us have encountered as well. Putting up a short fun photo or video that is promoted organically by Facebook could give you entries into new customers and patients feed as good stories are shared.

None of this is a certain at this time as Facebook hasn’t said much of anything other than they are rolling out Facebook Stories for all pages over the next several months. It could end up being a pay for play option only too for brands, but even then, if you are one of the early adopters, one of the few, you can get seen where your competitors are not yet playing, and isn’t that one of the secrets of good marketing?

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