Fear Of Color

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For some reason, eyecare professionals seem to have a fear of color. Here you are dealing with color vision, and yet look around you. Walls are white, beige, neutrals. Frame boards are filled with brown and black frames. Equipment is black or white. If you are wearing lab coats, white, blue.. Think about it…

It’s not just eyecare professionals, medical offices are the same boring, boring neutral colors that are so blah, you get sick just going there. Eyecare offices can be different, they cross the lines between medical and fashion and why not put some color in your office.

Perhaps medical professionals are afraid they will scare away a chromophobe. Chromophobia is a fear of bright colors.  (Billy Bob Thornton) or maybe they associate color with expressions like ‘feeling blue’ (sadness) Scarlett woman or yellow bellied coward.

Eyewear and Eyecare is an extremely competitive business. What will make your office stand out from all the competitors? Color! Color is one part of what you can do to Effect Consumer Eyewear Purchasing. It will attracts attention, has an emotional impact and will lead to referrals.

You can always introduce color in your office, just by an accessorizing wall, furniture, art, and of course eyewear. For those less daring try (if you can) painting the outside of your building in bright colors- It will make you definitely eye-catching.

We have picked some colorful buildings around the world to help inspire you to add a touch of color

Mykonos, Greece; bluepueblo.tumblr.com
Tokyo: www.worldarchitecturenews.com


Can’t Paint, try green walls or garden