Fendi Winter Runway Looks

The FENDI FF 0399/S sunglasses, featured in the FENDI Women’s Winter 2019 runway show, take their inspiration from a new iconic FF calligraphy-inspired Fendi logo detail designed by Karl Lagerfeld which are visible on the frame’s front. The sunglasses are truly magnetic in their avant-garde yet linear design, with a structured architecture translated into an ethereal construction, thus reflecting the sublime femininity of the FENDI woman, daring and sophisticated at the same time.

Fendi FF 0399

In a perfect balance between formal rigour and delicate lightness, the FENDI FF 0399/S sunglasses stand out with an oversized butterfly shape, featuring unexpected sharp cuts on the two rimless shaded masks, paired together in asymmetric color tones for the ciliars. The exquisite palette combines neutral hues with summery pop colors, ranging from grass green to violet shades, emphasizing the sinuous lines in a subtle representation of the strong yet romantic FENDI DNA.

Fendi FF 0399

The FF logo detail is visible on the front, while the sleek metal temples underline the overall feeling of extreme lightness. The sunglasses are available in gold metal with brown shaded lenses paired with red and peach ciliars; gold metal with brown shaded lenses paired with blue and grass green ciliars; gold metal with yellow lenses paired with pink and orange ciliars; gold metal with grey shaded lenses paired with tobacco and violet ciliars.


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