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Jasmine is wearing The Nairi by FHone, an oversized, architectural shape frame made from a combination of Titanium, Beta Titanium, and Acetate. The name Nairi is a synonym for Armenia used by Armenian people and a part of their destination collection. Being of Armenian descent herself, as well as being a true eyewear fashionista, Jasmine is truly in love with this on-trend design.

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The model is available in 4 colorways. Black metal with an off-black acetate, gold metal with a warm Havana acetate, a light gun with very berry, and rose gold with a dark grey acetate ring.

FHone Eyewear - nairi blk-offblack
FHone Eyewear - nairi gld-havana
FHone Eyewear - nairi lgn-veryberry
FHone Eyewear - nairi rose-grey

All frames by FHONE are handmade, which truly means that they are “made by hand”. That is how they craft their frames. The finest artisan craftsman using their magic to create our frames, in more than 100 single work steps. They mill, shape, sand, and smooth down. They drill, rasp, file, solder, plate, and adjust. They cut, grind, engrave and polish so that you get your pair of FHONE glasses.


Exceptional eyewear that becomes a part of you. The design, the look, the feel and the quality so you can fall in love with yourself – everytime you look in the mirror. Mirrors are just so much better when you look fhonetastic.

Shooting: TEFdoesBRUSSELS
Eyewear: Nairi by FHone
Model: Jasmine Martirosian, optician and eyewear blogger at Jasmine Eyewear.

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