Fix Old Eyewear While Selling New Eyewear – spxfix

spxfix - eyeglass repair

It’s an old story. A customer walks in with a broken temple asking for the eyeglasses to be repaired. Perhaps the frame is 2 years old. Perhaps it is 10 years old. Since so many of your customers and patients only have one pair of working eyeglasses with any sort of current prescription, they are up a proverbial creek, unless you are lucky enough to be able to make a sale on a frame with a single vision lens to get them on their way. Even if the frame is still being made, getting a new temple can take weeks. broken glasses - spxfx

There is a new simple fix called spxfix that can help you help your customer while you sell them a second or even third pair of eyeglasses. The spxfix is a silicone sleeve that can act as a temporary holder between the frame and temple by connecting them through a good-looking bendable friction fit. Your patient or customer is on their way in minutes with a good-looking temporary fix.  Your patient or customer can go skiing, driving, fishing, golfing, reading, or just go home and watch TV with glasses that work, while you order them something new. The spxfix retails for under $10 a pair.

This is a fix you and your customers and patients have been seeking that will help solidify your reputation with your clients for years to come. Check them out at

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