Flair For Fall/Winter 2023

Flair model 5044 for Fall/Winter 2023

The new Flair eyewear collection combines reduced design with exciting material combinations: High-quality cabochon stones, block acetate, and titanium. In the new collection, Flair again combines high-quality materials such as cabochon gemstones and titanium with first-class workmanship and classic as well as modern design elements and colorfulness. This is the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

High-quality cabochon stones: elegance in every facet
A finely set cabochon gemstone on an elegant temple is the highlight of the Art Couture 9126. Amethyst, Moonstone, Garnet, and Coral set the color accents for the design of the frames. The design also features an intricate filigree pattern. An accentuated square with minimal Pure 3 glazing ensures a first-class appearance and highlights the high value of this model.

Flair 9126100

Titanium and block acetate: a perfect combination
Classic & stylish, these are the synonyms of the classic men’s nylon frame 9123 made of titanium in the Art Couture segment. A block acetate temple meets a solid cheekpiece, which with its diamond-cut engraving forms a connection to high-end men‘s accessories.

Flair 9123100

Elaborate acetate application with the hidden Flair hinge
With an elaborate acetate application, the men‘s model 5043 expands our segment with hidden hinges. In this model, an acetate element is clamped in a stainless steel bracket. Cut-outs in the metal create a special composition and make the acetate shine and stand out. A new bridge design highlights the classic modern design of this model.

Flair 5043100

Model 5044 makes eyes and acetate shine
The women‘s model 5044 with its attached acetate elements compliments and is the counterpart of the men’s model 5043. The acetate decor is located on the outside of the temples, which gives a mirrored appearance and particularly emphasizes the colored acetate.

Flair 5044100

New colors expand Pure Colour segment
The new models 5060, 5061, and 5062 expand the successful Pure Colour category along with the addition of S, M, and L temple sizes. And can be found in 2 new exciting colors.

Flair 50604450

Flair 9126 on a woman posing


Flair’s vision has always been to make eyewear more beautiful, more comfortable – simply better. Eyewear that people around the whole world can fall in love with. Designed for the world, made in Germany. Basic values that remains unchanged and more relevant than ever, even after 75 years. See the entire Flair line on their website www.flair.de.


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