Forensic Eyewear : CS Eye Glasses

OCEANSIDE, Calif., Nov., 2017  FoxFury® Lighting Solutions announces the release of its CS Eye™ Glasses for forensics. These glasses feature a lightweight frame and the ability to remove and interchange lenses to create a single color or a dichroic (two different color) configuration. Models are available with yellow, orange or red lenses with the user needing to purchase multiple units for use in the dichroic option.

Goggles/glasses are an integral part of forensic inspections as they not only protect the eyes, but they also filter out light so that evidence can be seen. Different colored lenses are used with different colored light sources to search for evidence. Normally one lens color is used at a time with one specific forensic light source. The investigator uses different colored goggles and light wavelengths in a sequence to locate evidence.

FoxFury CS Eye™ Glasses presents a unique advancement in forensic eyewear. These glasses feature a modern design with removable and interchangeable lenses. Models are available with orange, yellow or red lenses. The wearer has the option to use them in the standard (same color lenses) or dichroic (different color lenses) configuration. Simply replace one lens with a different color to achieve the dichroic configuration.

The dichroic option represents a breakthrough in forensic eyewear. The crime scene investigator can now scan the environment with 2 different filters at one time. This speeds up forensic search time, helps find evidence faster and reduces the risk of cross-contamination (due to not switching back and forth between different colored goggles).

CS Eye™ Glasses block out UV and can be used with UV, blue, cyan and green forensic light sources. For dichroic use, multiple goggles need to be purchased so that custom lens combinations can be created. For example, an orange and yellow pair of glasses would need to be purchased to create an orange / yellow pair of glasses. The more dominant eye would utilize the darker colored lens.

“Reducing contamination and improving workflow and performance are important to every investigator. These breakthrough forensic glasses will help get the job done safer and find evidence faster,” said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.

CS Eye glasses are designed for use as sunglasses or as forensic glasses. They are not intended for use with forensic laser systems or for wear over prescription glasses. CS Eye Glasses are available in the US through Tri-Tech Forensics and

About FoxFury Lighting Solutions:

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