Formula 1 – Gold Collection

The Gold collection has been created to depict and tell all the stories of
Formula 1, past and present. Luxuriously vintage, with racy modern styling,
the collection uses only the very finest advanced materials to give the very
finest results in eyewear design, fit, and technology.


The Gold collection celebrates the sport’s 70-year heritage, offering
sustainable quality, crafted from handmade cellulose acetate, titanium and
carbon fiber.

Team Boss

The five unique designs are Team Boss, Hospitality, Formation Lap, Overtake, and Final Lap, and each one is produced in a selection of 3-4 colors. The collection is available from 25th October 2020 and has a complete set of eye-catching point-of-sale materials. Formula 1 Premium Eyewear is produced by the UK-based eyewear company, Formuleyes.

Final Lap