Formuleyes Partners With Formula 1 To Launch Exclusive Collection

Formula 1 has announced a partnership with specialist eyewear company Formuleyes to release an exclusive collection of premium glasses, celebrating the sport’s past, present, and future as part of its 70th-anniversary celebrations.

The first collection will feature three pairs of glasses, all representing a different aspect of what makes Formula 1 so special. The ‘Titanium’, is the highlight of the collection as it’s made from a completely sustainable material and manufactured using a zero-footprint 3D-printed titanium technology, making each pair truly unique and exceptional. The ‘Titanium’ is a cutting-edge collector’s item and will be available from 25 September.

Whilst the ‘Titanium’ looks at innovation, the ‘Gold’ celebrates the sports 70-year heritage, offering sustainable quality, crafted from handmade cellulose acetate, titanium, and carbon fiber and is available from 25 October. Completing the collection is the ‘Red’, which combines sport and fashion providing eyewear that can be worn on the street or the track; available 25 November.

Director of Digital and Licensing, Frank Arthofer said: “We are very excited to launch a range of products in a category that we believe is at the very core of our brand. Eyewear and motor racing have always been connected and we are proud to partner with Formuleyes to deliver great products to our fans”.

courtesy of Formula 1

Formuleyes Executive Chairman & CEO, Didier Coton said: “After battling the adversities which we have already been faced with this year, there is no time like the present. Whether on or off the track, Formula 1 has always demanded the highest and best qualities when it comes to technical, precision, innovation, and design. Following the same ethos today, I feel honored along with our founder Jonathan van Blerk, an expert in the eyewear industry, to collaborate with the Formula 1 group. It is for this reason, as a team, we are proud today to launch the first of many Formula 1 Eyewear collections. Our plan going forward is to introduce new and exciting models every year that will give an insight into this unique and fascinating sport.”

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