FramesLibrary and OrganEyes Announce Upcoming Integration

OrganEyes - Frames Library Integration

FramesLibrary and OrganEyes are thrilled to announce their upcoming integration, a collaboration that combines the expertise of PlanetVA, Optical Near ME, and OrganEyes to deliver a seamless experience for their users.

FramesLibrary, an initiative by PlanetVA and Optical Near ME, offers digital eyewear solutions and e-commerce capabilities for independent retailers in North America. PlanetVA provides innovative digital solutions such as virtual try-ons, 3D eyewear viewers, configurators, and a style assistant app. FramesLibrary bridges the gap between online frame browsing and in-person optical expertise, empowering practices to deliver a personalized and comprehensive eyecare experience. Since 2016, PlanetVA and Optical Near ME have been providing enterprise-level tools through their software as a service suite to revolutionize eye care businesses.

OrganEyes specializes in Inventory Management for eyecare professionals and eyewear manufacturers. Unlike traditional practice management software that primarily focuses on medical aspects, OrganEyes empowers users to take control of their inventory. With OrganEyes, users can easily track inventory performance, profit margins, aging, and manage vendor purchase orders and returns directly from their mobile devices.

The integration between FramesLibrary and OrganEyes will enable users to effortlessly access and utilize FramesLibrary’s extensive collection of digital frames within the OrganEyes platform. This integration streamlines the process of creating and sharing information about purchasing, returns, and product aging, enhancing the overall user experience.

“We are excited about this integration with OrganEyes,” stated a spokesperson for FramesLibrary. “Our collaboration will greatly benefit our users and help raise awareness about the significance of eye care.”

Patricia Barilla, President and Co-Founder of OrganEyes, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to partner with FramesLibrary. Their expertise in digital frames and virtual try-ons will be a valuable addition to our platform, enabling us to provide our users with an even better experience.”

This integration is part of the broader initiative known as The Optical Metaverse, spearheaded by Charlene Nichols, CEO of OpticalNearMe.

PlanetVA contributes technology, including virtual try-ons and FramesLibrary, to this project. The integration not only enhances the customer experience within The Optical Metaverse but also highlights the commitment of all parties involved to deliver cutting-edge solutions in the eyecare industry.

The integration is expected to be available in the coming months, offering users an enhanced and seamless eyecare experience.

The integration will be available for use in beta during the upcoming The Optical Metaverse & Fashion Show (TOMFS). TOMFS is an innovative, immersive, and industry-leading 3-day event designed to bring together professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts within the optical and fashion industries. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, TOMFS provides an unparalleled, interactive experience for potential sponsors, exhibitors, and advertisers.

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