FRED For Fall 2020

Since 1936 Maison FRED blends exquisite craftsmanship with a sense of style in every piece of its jewelry, making it one of the most renowned jewelry manufacturers worldwide. FRED’s Fall/Winter 2020 eyewear collection of sunglasses and optical frames pays tribute to the Maison’s most iconic pieces: The ‘Force 10’ bracelet and the talismanic jewelry piece ‘8°0’. Produced by Thélios, the eyewear expert of LVMH, this collection combines exquisite materials with Italian craftmanship while embracing Maison FRED’s core values of joie de vivre, creative audacity and relaxed sophistication.


FG40024U (42C)
A timeless pilot shape revamped with shiny colors and Maison FRED’s iconic ‘Force 10’ cable on the front. This silhouette is embellished with vintage buckle details on its Endura gold temples for a maritime and sophisticated style. Available with mirrored lenses for a more daring look.


FG50030U (030)
This square semi-rimless optical frame is inspired by Maison FRED’s signature ‘Force 10’. Its Endura gold front is paired with metal cable style temples and vintage buckle details. Its acetate end tips are embellished with a Maison FRED logo, while its material provides extra comfort. This model stands for an elegant and timeless style.


Some people’s destinies are sprinkled with stars, but it was diamonds, pearls and multi-colored stones that studded the destiny of Fred Samuel. Born in 1908 in Argentina into a family dealing in such precious stones, he conceived a passion for cultured pearls and won recognition as a leading expert in the field. He worked with the finest specimens, particularly those of a creamy-pink shade now known as ‘FRED-coloured’. From the early 1950s, colorful stones kindled his creativity when the Nepalese king and queen commissioned from him jewelry to match the court saris.

Drawing inspiration from vivid, shimmering silks, he mirrored their hues with an almost infinite palette of sapphires or diamonds. This passion was joined by a quest for the sunlight that illuminated his childhood in Argentina. Both influences shaped his work, the latter forming a leitmotif, almost becoming his muse. To this source of endless inspiration, he added his love of the sea, whose power and splendor gave rise to several celebrated chapters in the Maison’s history. Fred Samuel’s natural aesthetic sensitivity, together with his radical view of jewelry as part of everyday life, especially for women, enabled him to build a brand as timeless as it is distinctive. Describing himself in 1936 as a ‘Contemporary Creative Jeweller’, he staked a claim for modernity based on striking jewelry, pieces with rounded, curvaceous outlines. FRED joined the LVMH Group in 1995 and embarked on the second chapter of its history. Today, Maison FRED honors its founder’s unquestioning love of sunlight and color with its sun-infused creations, demonstrating its mastery of personalization and the sheer versatility of its collections.

The name “Thélios” is the synthesis of the names of the Greek gods Theia, goddess of light and sight, and Helios, the god of the sun. Born from the will of LVMH Group, the world leader in luxury, to establish itself in the eyewear sector, Thélios designs produces and distributes sunglasses and optical frames for some of its most prestigious Maisons: Celine, Loewe, Kenzo, Fenty, Fred, Berluti and Rimowa. With its Manifattura, located in Longarone, Italy, Thélios blends the distinct identity of each Maison with Italian craftsmanship to create exceptional luxury eyewear. Thélios offers its own “enlightened look” on the sector, providing the highest level of quality and excellence both in its products and service.

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