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In the old days, you bought a few kids frames that came with a poster and hopefully the kids came in. Today, companies want to help you market your kids business, providing great POP, and free back-up marketing materials to help you garner the fickle kids. How great is that!

Nanofilm– has an eye-catching school bus with a crayola lens cleaner to help kids learn to keep their lenses clean in the right way.  Perfect for Back To School.

A&A Optical is offering a Back2School Tool Kit, an integrated marketing campaign developed for ECP’s using a combination of direct mail, flyers, point-of-sale materials and merchandising tips to drive frame sales for back-to-school through Q4.  Marketing includes Gift with Purchase items, counter top display and counter cards for creating impact at point-of-sale.  To support this in-practice initiative offices are invited to visit Market MY Practice.  Inside Market My Practice, A&A customers can select back-to-school marketing pieces (customizable direct mailers, flyers and ads) which coordinate with the point-of-sale materials to deliver the exact same message into the hands of  local patients and prospects.

Hoya Vision Is offering a Super Kids Lens Package Program;

The Important thing to remember, the Kids Business is all year, this is not just for this month. Kids will be getting their eyes checked heavily from now to the end of the year.. Our best recommendation- take advantage of all the tools above and continue to market throughout Q4

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