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About this time every year, I do a complete review of our website (and you should too)  using, google analytics,,, grade my SEO.  While I don’t look at these sites as the Holy Grail, I do take into consideration the things they say and recommend. By doing this several times a year, I can fine-tune and revamp our website.  We must realize the more information we have, the better we are ready to compete. For us as well as you.. if you do comparison on a regular basis, I guarantee it will help you compete.

Over the years, I have focused on our website but when Social Media Examiner ran this post on Comparing your Facebook Page to your competition..  What an eye-opener it was.

I confess, Facebook is perplexing to me. As much as I know how important it is to your (and our business) I just don’t get it! That said when I went and evaluated my FB for Optical Journal scores (I failed abysmally, I am embarrassed) So I ran Shirley’s who does The Optical Vision Site Facebook. (Much better)

First I ran Agorapulse. (FREE) for The Optical Vision Site to see what is up with us and where do we need to get better. The top line is what we do and the RED underneath is the benchmark. She does pretty good, but is apparent, we need more engagement and ask more questions.


Then I went to  Like Alyzer.  (FREE) I like this this site for several reasons, you can plug in your competition and it is easy to read and gives you the recommendations. It also refers back to some articles which are appropriate to the recommendations. Again, our recommendations is building engagement.


Next to Fanpage Karma– (FREE) but I didn’t quite get them. Too many graphs. This might be better if you are running campaigns and booking appointments. Good information but too much for us now.

Next, just to be more of a masochist, I went to Conversation Score. Fortunately, they would take either our our Facebook, urls. I don’t know why and after screwing around with it.. just thought they were having an off day.

Simply Measured– This site measures Twitter, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Linked IN. I already like it! One Site Fits all. To get the FREEbie, you have to like them on Facebook (which for some reason did not work) so I went to Twitter and Followed them . I like that you can put in any website to compare yours to them.


The bottom line, it is time for a tune-up, take a few hours analysis your website and social media with some of the above tools. Compare your competition, make some notes and make some changes. We are.


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