Freebie Friday: FREE ABO Course From Hoya

7th FREE Continuing Education Course Made Available to Independent Practices through hoya_HOYA Vision Care’s Empower U

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (August, 2016) Hoya Vision Care, technology leader in ophthalmic lenses, announced the availability of “See the Light, HOYA Sensity, New Light Reactive Lenses” a new free ABO course. The course is available on Empower U, an online training and continuing education program designed specifically to support independent eye care practices that is free to any practice with a HOYA account number.

“This is the seventh free ABO or COPE approved course that we have launched on Empower U,” said Barney Dougher, President of HOYA Vision Care, North America, he continued, “Independent practices are being squeezed on costs and fees, so we are proud to offer high-quality continuing education to our accounts for free.”
Dr. Anne-Marie Lahr is the Director of Education for HOYA Vision Care NA and heads up Empower U’s curriculum says, “We see the materials offered and professional skills of our accounts being commoditized by mass marketers and the Internet. The best way for independent practices to overcome commoditization and differentiate their brand is to offer the best materials and be well versed and able to explain the benefits to patients.” Jobson’s Mark Mattison-Shupnick and 20/20 Magazine present the course and promote its availability to the industry. The course objective is to understand the Sensity approach to photochromic lenses, learn light reactive lens technology for wearer advantage and to know how to communicate the effectivity of light reactive lenses for all patients and patient conditions.

Since its launch in the spring of 2015, Empower U’s online training has had more than 5,200 people complete more than 27,000 modules. New ABO and COPE approved courses are added each quarter. The new course can be found at:

Practices who would like access to Empower U can contact their local HOYA Territory Sales Manager to get started.

About Hoya Corporation

Hoya Corporation is a global technology company traded on the Japanese stock exchange based in Tokyo, Japan, and the leading supplier of innovative and indispensable high‐tech and healthcare products based upon its advanced optics technologies. Hoya is active in four fields of business: The Healthcare provides eyeglasses and contact lenses for retail sales. The Medical provides endoscopic system and intraocular lenses for cataract surgery. The Electronics makes mask blanks and photo masks for the semiconductor devices and LCD panels as well as glass memory disks for HDDs. The Imaging produces optical lenses, SLR/compact digital cameras, lens modules and micro lenses. Hoya now has over 100 subsidiaries and affiliates, and employs over 36,500 people worldwide.