Freebie Friday: Free Allergy Campaign And Video

Eye didn’t know this: Allergies are the 5th leading chronic disease in the U.S. among all ages, and the 3rd most common chronic disease among children under 18 years old. An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from all types of allergies (1 in 5 Americans) including indoor/outdoor, food & drug, latex, insect, skin and eye allergies. Allergy prevalence overall has been increasing since the early 1980s across all age, sex and racial groups. While there is no cure they can be managed with prevention and treatment. ( Source: Asthmas And Allergy Foundation of America)

Therefore when EyeCare Pro, launched their FREE Allergy marketing campaign stuff for eyecare professionals, how great is that? The campaign includes the following:


  • Poster/Flyer
  • Email Message
  • Facebook & Google+ Covers
  • Facebook & Google+ Post
  • Website Homepage Image
  • Plus Free Spring Allergy Video for your office and website!
  • Choose from customizable files or ready-to-use PDFs.
  • Free Spring Allergy Video courtesy of EyeStarTV

To download the marketing materials click here.


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