French Flair With Anacole Eyewear

Whenever anyone asks or says that eyewear is as ripoff, they need to go the Anacole Eyewear page and look at how handcrafted eyewear is made. Whenever I see production shots in the photos, we have to post about the product. One example is French, frame manufacturing company Anacole.  The styling screams the innate French chic. We love sparkles and picked out the style Manu, because it has both of our favs, color and stones. In fact, I would wear all four, just because I love the colors and the details.


See how the zyl is layered and blended. Note how the crystals are merged into the top bar of the frame. Even the crystal colors are coordinated. This is eyewear crafting, this is product that is worth every penny. This is product that is not price inflated to make celebrities richer. This is just great quality product with style.





Anacole is sold through eyecare professionals.

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