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Silhouette BC22-Momentum-Aurum

Silhouette is now using an innovative, bionic, high-tech, laser finish to refine its new Momentum Aurum Full-rim Collection, giving it the look of precious wood or natural horn. The term ‘bionic’ here is intended to encapsulate the beauty of nature combined with the power of high-tech precision. By using high-precision laser technology, a finish can be applied to the front of the high-tech, SPX®+ surface that mimics the look of beautiful woodgrain or horn. SPX®+ was specially developed by Silhouette and is one of the most innovative materials available on the market. The patented, high-tech material is unbelievably light, yet holds its shape while being extremely flexible at the same time. The resulting wood-grain effect is similarly seen in yachts, sports cars, or luxury homes, and now, thanks to Silhouette this look can also adorn luxury eyewear.

Contemporary, luxurious look

Momentum Aurum 2950
Momentum Aurum 2950

The Momentum Aurum full-rim collection is not only striking at the front, but also on the temples. The new temple design is a fresh take on Silhouette’s bestselling Momentum model. Its high-gloss, metal surface has been carefully polished by hand and plated with 23-carat gold. “The elegant effect of wood-grain or horn at the front, combined with the design of the Momentum temples, gives a contemporary, luxurious look,” says Roland Keplinger, Design Director at Silhouette, the Austrian global market leader in premium rimless eyewear.

Minimalist, light and durable

Momentum Aurum 2949
Momentum Aurum 2949

The Momentum Aurum has an impressive, high-quality, minimalist, full-rim look with balanced proportions. As always with Silhouette, this eyewear is beautifully crafted, exceptionally durable and made from SPX®+, Silhouette’s patented hypoallergenic material. The easily adjustable, trimmable temples ensure a perfect fit. As a full-service provider, Silhouette can match the wearer’s lenses to perfectly fit the frames for tailor-made eyewear that delivers an unrivaled visual experience.

Two modern designs, each with two stylish colors

Consumers can choose from two modern designs, each with two colors in two sizes. The panto design is unisex. It is available in two colors: Grayish Bamboo combined with ruthenium temples and Smoky Oak combined with gold temples. The second design has a strong, rectangular shape. It’s available in the colors Smoky Oak with ruthenium temples or Black Wenge with gold temples. Three of the colorways offer a high-gloss finish on the front for a stylish, luxurious effect. In fact, not only can you see that this is luxury eyewear, but you can feel it too through its unique touch and feel.



Founded in 1964, Silhouette is the global leader in premium rimless eyewear. In 1999, the family-operated company revolutionized the glasses industry with an innovative screwless, hingeless, and rimless model called Titan Minimal Art. This innovative design – made from start to finish in Austria and weighing only 1.8 grams – was unlike anything the world had ever seen. All Silhouette glasses are made from the highest quality materials using cutting edge technology and the finest handcraftsmanship. In fact, around 80% of the build is carried out by hand. This ensures the glasses deliver best-in-class comfort to a global market of more than 100 countries on five continents and in space. With 50 patents and over 100 design awards under its belt, Silhouette has a relentless commitment to quality: Over 100 quality control checks must be carried out before a single pair of glasses leaves its headquarters in Linz, Austria.


Silhouette Group

Headquartered in Linz, Austria, the Silhouette Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of premium eyewear, with over 1,300 employees worldwide. With 13 international subsidiaries, the family-owned company is the market leader in rimless eyewear, which has brought it acclaim and success around the world. Exports account for 95% of its production. Silhouette eyewear is available in over 100 countries. Since 2017, the company has been a full-service provider of frames and lenses – Made in Austria. In 2021, around 1.3 million pairs of glasses were sold worldwide.

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