Fun Optical Jewelry Finds For June

Today we highlight optical related jewelry and accessories. These are top picks of the what we see people wearing and what ECP’s create in their time off from the office. Some are one-offs from websites but most of the artists have collections so I recommend browsing around or searching their website/shop for others. Not only are these items for eyewear connoisseurs but they are also great for industry related gifts!


Unlike some websites, we make no money from the sales of these items. If you like them, just click on the image to follow the link to the sellers. Do let us know what you think of us sharing these finds though in the comments below or through our email.


Handmade French Hair Clips      $19.90

Glasses Heartbeat Bracelet Bangle        $59.40 – regularly $66

Stone Eye Earring   $11.99

Glasses Tie Clip    Regular price $15.99


Eyeglasses Necklace   $10.19 – regularly $16.99


Snellen “Eye Chart” earrings   $10+


Silver glasses Leather Adjustable Bracelet   $10.79 – regularly $11.99

Adjustable Glasses Ring    $9.99


Evil Eye Pendant      $40.00 – regularly $100


Vintage Eye Earrings    Regular price $11.99


These items all come from various websites and sellers. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. These items were shown at the prices noted here when this story was written. Hope you enjoy! 

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024