Fuse Optics Launches Audio Adaptable Eyewear

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FUSE Optics ™ will introduce its line of audio adaptable glasses at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, CO, January 25-29, 2012. The progressive eyewear company is first-to-market with its U.S. Utility Patent that is poised to transform the eyewear industry. The product line features a hinge design temple bar that is audio-adaptable, allowing the user to stream audio with the device of their choice at work or play. Perfect for the extreme sports enthusiasts and the active lifestyle devotee. The flexibility and versatility of FUSE Optics ™ provides a sound solution for a variety of applications: communication, streaming music, cancelling noise, or worn as traditional glasses, allowing the users to adjust for various needs throughout the day.

Founder and Ideologist, Richard Sanpei, observed runners, bikers, skiers, contractors and many others who wore both glasses and earbuds to connect to their iPods or cell phones. “I noticed how people tried to keep earbuds in during activities without success. I also saw that contractors and other workers needed two devices, safety glasses and ear plugs, and struggled with adjusting the ear plugs. As an inventor, I saw a problem that needed to be solved. The hinge design provides one single device that meets those needs,” said Sanpei.

Based in San Luis Obispo, California, FUSE Optics ™ is a team of creative and dedicated individuals who are building the reputation of the company through cutting-edge products and exceptional customer service. FUSE Optics ™ conceptualizes, develops and brings to the eyewear industry innovative new products with its revolutionary utility patented hinge design. For additional information about FUSE Optics ™ please visit: www.FuseOptics.com; call 805.234.3657, or write to [email protected]