Gamer Advantage Now Available At Best Buy

Gamer Advantage eyewear

Gamer Advantage announced recently its availability at select Best Buy stores and on As the first and only gaming eyewear brand with clinical proof of positive impacts on quality of sleep and cognition, the high-tech, literally game-changing glasses are now available at more than 850 stores, giving customers an easy, in-person buying experience right in time for the holiday season.

“Today is a big day for health, for our community, and for everybody who does serious screen time. Most people are gamers now,” said Bryan Reedy, Gamer Advantage CEO, founder, and hardcore gamer himself. Statistics show that a substantial, growing majority of Americans play games on various platforms and most households have gaming consoles. This makes the new retail partnership even more vital, exposing millions to the must-have safety and performance-enhancing optical gear.

Best Buy now carries Gamer Advantage’s top-selling specialty eyewear, featuring lightweight and flexible Morph-Flex® frames engineered to accommodate all wearers and fit perfectly under any headset for ultimate gaming comfort. Shoppers have a choice of three styles that include Inferno and Augment, which come with a magnetic polarized sun clip for eye protection indoors and outside. Gamer Advantage’s Horizon model utilizes Morph-Flex 2.0® for custom fit, further enhanced by adjustable nose pads and temple tips with metal wire cores that hold their shape. Weighting in less than a gram, the Horizon boasts the lightest frames on Earth.

The new Gamer Advantage glasses can enhance performance through better sleep while protecting the user’s vision and health with science-based lens technology recommended by numerous optometrists and neurologists. The flagship REZME® technology is featured in two lens options to serve a wide variety of customers and their needs. The near-clear Sleep lens is engineered for those who spend 8+ hours in front of screens daily, and the crystal-clear Focus lens is created for 4+ hours of screen time. Both provide zero color distortion and include premium coatings and protectants.

Testing establishes that proprietary lens tech improves focus and alertness by 47% and increases melatonin levels by 96% to enhance sleep patterns. Additionally, those surveyed reported significant reduction of headaches and migraines. Gamer Advantage’s killer optical app is highly selective filtration and absorption of artificial light at the exact frequencies where disruptive digital screen emissions peak, while providing a color-balanced natural view.

For virtual try-ons and to shop the best-in-class Gamer Advantage eyewear in prescription or readers, visit The platform also serves as a resource for impactful articles on sleep, blue light, and eye health.


About Gamer Advantage:

Founded in 2019 by hardcore gamer Bryan Reedy, Gamer Advantage is a breakthrough optical technology company that creates products to improve the well-being of gamers, computer-users and phone users. Created by gamers for gamers, the Detroit-based company is on a mission to protect the vision of everyone who does screen time by developing science-endorsed solutions. Gamer Advantage has patented and clinically proven Rezme™ lens technology, engineered from a proprietary material that absorbs artificial light at the exact wavelengths where harmful digital screen emissions peak. Each eyewear style features lightweight and flexible Morph-Flex® frames that accommodate all wearers and fit perfectly under any headset for ultimate gaming comfort. Gamer Advantage is FDA compliant, ANSI certified, and its products carry a 45-day money back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

The groundbreaking eyewear company offers nearly 100 different frame and lens combinations and is available in more than 30 countries, 850 U.S. retail locations and has an expansive network of over 500 partnered content creators. Gamer Advantage considers play time so serious and mission-critical that the company pays employees, all of whom are gamers themselves, for gaming hours during workdays. There is no shortage of testimonials to the company’s commitment to its community with product endorsements from thousands of members in the #GAFam. Born in gaming and dedicated to serious screen users’ health and wellbeing, Gamer Advantage  truly works – and lives – by its tagline PLAY HARD. SLEEP HARD.®

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