Generation SILMO!

Decade after decade, SILMO continues to evolve, develop, and grow, thanks to generations of enthusiastic, hard-working professionals who rally the entire optical and eyewear industry, and thanks to the organizing teams who endeavor to deal with market fluctuations, technological progress, social changes, and ethical sensibilities, among much more.

With each new generation, humanity and the planet face major challenges and unprecedented issues. The industry strives to protect natural resources, ensure sustainable and responsible production modes that do not harm the environment, and meet the vision correction needs of millions of men and women. These challenges may be reasonably overcome by convening the many talents of the optical and eyewear field, a cutting-edge sector that is investing in the future and anticipating ground-breaking innovations. SILMO PARIS is the place to be for demonstrations and discussions with all the professionals participating in the constructive development of the future of the optical and eyewear industry.

For Generation SILMO, the Parisian trade fair is the event that combines inspiration with the acknowledgment and showcasing of creativity and ingenuity. It is the focal point for visionaries. Because Generation SILMO believes in the future and proves it with every edition, this four-day concentration of the worldwide community highlights the best savoir-faire and expertise in the field. Feel free to join SILMO Paris from 29 September to 2 October 2023!



  • 12 to 14 April ’23, SILMO SINGAPORE, Asean Optical Fair
  • 16 May ’23, SILMO SHOWROOM PORTO, The One Day Experience in Portugal
  • 4 June ’23, SILMO SHOWROOM PRAGUE, The One Day Experience in Czech Republic
  • 29 September to 2 October ’23, SILMO PARIS, The World’s Optical Fair
  • 23 to 26 November ’23, SILMO ISTANBUL, The Transcontinental Optical Fair in Turkey: 10th-anniversary edition!

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