Getting Patients- Have a Green Party

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‘Instead of one customer spending $500. we’re finding that they’re spending $100, so we just have to find at least five times as many people.” Sophia Coloma of Whitley Kros

So how do you continually find new Patients? Try having an Optical Event that helps to educate patients, network with local business and provide some excitement in your office.

Green Events are all the rage now- the consumer is becoming more aware of eco friendly options and is seeking to find more information. Not only that- you can reach out to local resources and synergize your marketing efforts.

10 Steps To Having an Optical Green Event

Step 1-Set up a Time- at least 2 months in Advance

Step 2– Reach out to Local ‘Green Sources’

  • Farmers Markets (organic Food) Maybe they will provide or give discount if credit is given.
  • Green Restaurant to caterĀ or provide clothes and napkins (no paper)
  • Local Market for recycled plates and utensils.

Step 3 – Invitations

  • Avoid Paper invites, instead consider E-vite or email. But if you have to use paper use recycled paper
  • Invite local farmers, Green cosmetics companies, Local ‘Green Organizations’
  • If you are involved in any social networking, advertise it! Announce it
  • Send Press Releases out to Local Magazines, Radio and TV Stations

Step 4– Invite Your ‘Green Optical Vendors

Step 5 Plan Your Menu

  • Utilize Local Food and try to go meatless and organic

Step 6- Green Your Decor

  • Re-use, re-purpose as much as you can.

Step 7– Showcase any green products you may have, including non-toxic cleaning products.

Step 8– Recycle and Compost

  • Try to make the event zero waste, and have Recycle Bins
  • Eliminate Bottle Water and as much plastic as you can.

Step 9 Turn Down the Lights and off any other electrical devices

Step 10– Have Fun and meet new People