Getting Spoiled At The Doctors Office- A Tale of Three Doctors

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Everybody says they have great customer service. I want to share with you some examples of great customer service from a ‘consumer point of view’ and a private pay patient. My tale of three Doctor Visits and how getting spoiled turned me into a long term loyal patient and one that refers.

I love my dentist office or I should say I love the dental hygienist(s). The dentist I hardly ever see, because like most dentist today, it is a separate charge for the doc. (Hate that, but what can you do?) What is interesting about them, they take no insurance, are closed on some afternoons, but  why I love them:

1.) They have GREAT Magazines and comfortable chairs. Fortunately, I have NEVER in my 10 years of going there have had to wait. Run on time, they know you, address by name.

2.) They ENTERTAIN you. Nobody likes to go to the dentist, I actually like going. You have a choice of 2 TVS when you are in the chair and head sets. In other words they make it painless and enjoyable.

3.) They TAKE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE, so I really feel like they care about my health. A very simple 30 second, value added service.

4.) I get a JAW MASSAGE when in the chair! how great is that!!

5.) They EDUCATE in the chair. We speak about my gums, what the pockets are, I get a ‘How To Floss’ lesson, how to brush teeth lesson, it is all about preventive measures. While they are educating, they do try to ‘upsell’ in a non-confrontational way. I feel like they care about me and my health.

6.) They are PAPERLESS, I have a choice, how do I wish to receive my reminders, text, email or phone.

7.) The Bathroom is fabulous, a little waterfall, a little aromatherapy, freebie samples, coffee, tea..

8. ) They GIVE GIFTS, who doesn’t want a freebie, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, gum in-betweeners, all packaged in a nice reusable bag.

9.) They are nice.

10.) They offer 7 a.m appointments.

My Next Visit- The Dermatologist:  Again Elective Private Pay,

Here is another Lesson: I have Kaiser insurance but have elected to go and pay cash to my dermatologist. Why, it is cheaper, better service than going to Kaiser. My last visit to my Kaiser dermatologist: Co-Pay $40 and then was nickeled and dimed for an additional $145.00. I waited for 2 hours, he spoke to me like I was in 2nd grade. Total cost of skin check was $185.00 that is not including my Kaiser monthly payment.

For that price I decided to go back to my personal dermatologist and pay cash. In and out in 20 minutes, 8 things burned off, fistful of samples and a large container of skin lotion. Private pay cash discount 10%. Total cost $70.00. In addition, my doc, says’, ‘Don’t you dare wait, you have too much damage, you don’t have insurance, you don’t have money, I treat you for free.’When was the last time you heard that!

I will say this, my dermatologist doesn’t have great staff, but she more than makes up for it. Goes to show you one person can make up for many shortfalls in the office.

Moral of this story

I visit you, I pay you, I want to be spoiled, I want you to care about my time, I want to be treated well, whether it’s dark chocolate, great magazines, being educated and entertained  and feeling like, my health is the most important thing. Due the enhanced customer service,  I have bought the add-ons at my dentist, I have referred and referred and referred again both the dentist and dermatologists.

Could they get better, yes, much better, I could think of 10 things each that both could do better, but bottom line, on a personal experience they are great.

My questions to Eye Care Professionals? What Do You Do To Spoil Your Patients?


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