Gibson Sunglasses – New Collectible Designs For Music Lovers

Gibson Sunglasses 2021

The GLBL Eyewear Group presents a detail-oriented, curated collection of finely crafted sunglasses that draws upon the iconic and original ethos of Gibson’s DNA. With 8 sunglasses – each produced in 4 colors, the collection fuses fine materials and specific details that evoke the individual style and heritage features of the Gibson guitar collection.

They include pieces of technical detail and design detail from all of Gibson’s iconic guitars, from The Les Paul through to the Acoustic guitars using aged patinas, engraved metal detailing, and high-quality handmade materials.

Style GS0010 – Cool Oval Sunglasses


This signature unisex sunglasses style with an oval shape features gold hardware and a refined mother of pearl logo. The style is pictured with green lenses. The style is inspired by the popular 1990s shape worn by Kurt Cobain.

Style GS0007 – Flattering Aviator-style Sunglasses


A strong and universally flattering aviator-style sunglass design that expresses the mood of the 1970s.  The frame is pictured in matt black and beige crystal with silver hardware and flash mirror lenses.

This season, Gibson previewed their collection with British singers, bands, and songwriters wearing the new designs on stage in the UK. The versatile design of the sunglass shapes with their refined details and exclusive colorways provided instant appeal for their expression of a retro-informed style that is easy to wear, yet distinctive and desirable.

Indie rock band Crystal Tides wearing Gibson Sunglasses
Indie rock band Crystal Tides

Gibson, the iconic American guitar brand, has shaped the sounds of generations of musicians and music lovers across genres worldwide for 127 years. Gibson has a legacy of superior craftsmanship, legendary music partnerships, and progressive product evolution that is unrivaled among musical instrument companies.

Revered for its design style and exceptional heritage, Gibson was founded in 1894 and is headquartered in Nashville, TN. Their electric and acoustic instruments have been seen in the hands of music legends and players on the international stage.

The GLBL Eyewear Group founded by Jonathan van Blerk and Didier Coton has a portfolio of brands that also includes: Eye Respect, Monaco By Eye Respect, Formula 1®  Eyewear (F1®), LDNR, and leading kid’s label Zoobug.

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