GIGI STUDIOS Introduces “The Breakfast” S/S 24 Campaign

GIGI STUDIOS The Breakfast campaign - woman wearing GIGI Studios frame

The new GIGI STUDIOS SS24 collection launched in this campaign comprises lighter, hand-crafted models of reduced weight thanks to thinner acetates and carefully designed inner bezels, resulting in the statement of individuality and creative expression that is the brand’s signature.

The Breakfast SS24 campaign invites us to look at the daily unforeseen connections and to embrace the potential of the most ordinary circumstances. With this campaign, GIGI STUDIOS captures the essence of chance in an normal moment: a breakfast between strangers.

Set in the idyllic Empordà, six characters –Maja, Gabriel, Anna, Ives, Dorcas, and Dante– meet at their hotel table, sharing the morning ritual of the first meal of the day. Surrounded by magnificent green fields and warm summer light, the group connects and merges with Nature, celebrating its presence in the awakening of a new day.

GIGI STUDIOS The Breakfast Campaign show

The optical and sun designs of the new GIGI STUDIOS collections are a statement of individuality and creative expression. The handcrafted collection mixes fashion, a perfect fit, and enhanced lightness. This weight reduction is achieved through thinner acetates and carefully designed inner bezels.

GIGI STUDIOS The Breakfast Campaign show

The new natural Italian acetates and German stainless steel designs of our VANGUARD collection show GIGI STUDIOS’ standard of elegance and sophistication through their contemporary shapes.

The new acetate models feature the new brand logo, impeccably incorporated on the temples of selected optical and sunglasses, and new gradient-toned acetates.

The sunglasses in the new SS24 collection balance a distinctive design with comfort, thanks to their lightness. Among the six new designs –three made of acetate and three of stainless steel– PIPER, a slim oval model made in four signature shades, stands out and will be available only online.

GIGI STUDIOS Vanguard Collection GIGI STUDIOS Vanguard Collection GIGI STUDIOS Vanguard Collection GIGI STUDIOS Vanguard Collection GIGI STUDIOS Vanguard Collection GIGI STUDIOS Vanguard Collection

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is shown by using black acetate of recycled origin in the VANGUARD and MEN collections. This material is produced by Mazzuchelli, the most prestigious acetate manufacturer in the industry. GIG STUDIOS will continue incorporating recycled and organic acetates that meet the brand’s aesthetics.

GIGI STUDIOS is extending its MEN optical and sun collection of contemporary designs with superior calibers. The new acetate models’ shapes show a commitment to purity and character and are lighter thanks to the improvement of the inner bezels.

The collection has six new optical models: three in acetate and three in stainless steel. The EDISON design stands out, and it is available in two calibers.


CHOPIN and MARX are the two new acetate sun models, lighter than previous iterations but without sacrificing the collection’s characteristic design power. MADISON, the third sun design in the new collection, is an aviator-style model with a double bridge. As with all the sunglasses in the MEN collection, the CR39 lenses are polarised and feature the best treatments.

GIGI STUDIOS Mens Collection - Man wearing Madison frame


The history of GIGI STUDIOS is a testament to a passion for craftsmanship. A constantly evolving commitment, passed down from generation to generation, to meet the needs of a discerning and demanding public.

From its beginnings in 1962’s Barcelona to today’s global consolidation, GIGI STUDIOS’ dedication to craftsmanship and creative expression remains at the core of everything it does, offering quality and sophistication in an accessible way.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024