GIGI STUDIOS Renews Its Logo And Launches The Logo Collection

GIGI STUDIOS new logo - 2023

GIGI STUDIOS presents its new logo, a visual code of the contemporary essence that defines the brand. Four models of sunglasses featuring the metallic logo on the temples have been created to celebrate this key moment.

The new GIGI STUDIOS logo is a powerful and distinctive typographic design that is both solid and appealing, blending straight and rounded shapes. It also allows for a higher level of customization and better readability in the digital environment by emphasizing the letter G and making it a recognizable symbol.

The new GIGI STUDIOS emblem encapsulates the essence of the brand’s constant evolution, the connection with new visual codes, and the will to always be at the forefront of trends and fashion.

GIGI STUDIOS celebrates the new logo with four new sunglass models that visibly include the new G logo, meeting our clients’ demands for an icon that would allow the brand’s eyewear to be easily identified.

The Logo Collection consists, on the one hand, of three acetate models –square-shaped SIMONA, round-shaped OCTAVIA, and oval-shaped PAOLA– available in different shades and share detailed work on the bevels and strategic angles that enhance the shapes. On the temples, the new metal image in contrasting colors stands out. All three designs are slightly oversized and, at the same time, lightweight, thanks to the reduced thickness of the acetate on the front and the thinner profiles.


The fourth model and icon of the collection is GIGI, so named as a tribute to the significance of this launch. It is a rimless mask-shaped design with straight lines. The new metallic logo has been incorporated on both sides of the screen. The GIGI model is available in two lens shades: dark grey with the metallic logo in tone-on-tone and solid green lenses with the metallic logo in gold.

GIGI 6884

The new logo will be elegantly and subtly introduced on the models of the Vanguard collection, as well as on various branding elements.



The history of GIGI STUDIOS is a testament to a passion for craftsmanship. A constantly evolving commitment, passed down from generation to generation, to meet the needs of a discerning and demanding public.

From its beginnings in 1962’s Barcelona to today’s global consolidation, GIGI STUDIOS’ dedication to craftsmanship and creative expression remains at the core of everything it does, offering quality and sophistication in an accessible way.

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