GIGI Studios Tinnit Capsule Collection

GIGI Studios returns to Ibiza, their most beloved island, which has inspired their new capsule collection: Tinnit. New Tinnit Capsule Collection: A tribute by GIGI Studios to the iconic island of Ibiza and its goddess Tanit. A different interpretation of the eyewear world.

GIGI Studios Tinnit

Tinnit revolves around the pure nature of Ibiza and the goddess Tanit, who historically protects the island. It consists of three unique sunglass models, each available in three acetate colors. Classic black and havana are combined with new earthy tones such as beige, sand, and orange, specially developed by the GIGI Studios design team. The lenses are also tinted and slightly contrast with the frame, creating a varied yet harmonious color palette.

GIGI Studios Tinnit

The collection is characterized by smaller shapes: TANIT is a mask-style frame, NEIT is rectangular, and BAAL is more oval, but all three are designed with the intent to reduce their size. In contrast, they stand out for their textures, reminiscent of Ibiza’s rugged coastline. For the first time, the bevels have been worked outward, providing a distinctive and unique volume effect. Additionally, the temples are engraved with the Tinnit symbol created especially for this occasion.

GIGI Studios Tinnit

This new series combines cultural references, earthy colors, and organic curves with innovative techniques. It contrasts its size with its defined volumes and meticulous design. The result is contemporary eyewear that emerges from observing nature in its purest form—both dreamlike and raw.

woman wearing GIGI Studios Tinnit sunglasses



The history of GIGI STUDIOS is a testament to a passion for craftsmanship.  A constantly evolving commitment, passed down from generation to generation, to meet the needs of a discerning and demanding public. From its beginnings in 1962’s Barcelona to today’s global consolidation, GIGI STUDIOS dedication to craftsmanship and creative expression remains at the core of everything they do, offering quality and sophistication in an accessible way.

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