Give Sight Global Announces New Appointments

Give Sight Global

Give Sight Global, an organization dedicated to providing treatment to curable blindness and vision impairment internationally, announced the addition of two new members to their team; Aly Bandali, as President and CEO, and Hedley Lawson, to the board of directors.

Bandali believes that everyone has the right to sight and invites us all to join him and Give Sight Global in the fight against avoidable blindness. He has served on various community and NFP Boards in addition to this 25 years of experience in HR and leadership in non-profit, technology, oil, and gas.

Aly Bandali
Aly Bandali

One-third of the entire world population is visually impaired. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of it is preventable. In light of this, it’s no surprise that Give Sight Global believes avoidable blindness is the number one preventable disability in the world. In order to tackle this global health crisis, strong leadership is critical.

“We are proud to announce that Alykhan Bandali is taking the reins of our organization. His personal connection to blindness, his passion, extensive experience, and global connections are exactly what we need. We are more confident than ever to achieve our mission with his leadership and team building,” said Justin Nabity, Give Sight Global co-founder.

“Our goal to cure world blindness is impossible by ourselves. Bringing on Aly as the leader of our organization makes this goal more achievable as we look to partner with all the other organizations trying to give sight to those in need,” said Give Sight Global co-founder, Reid Lancaster.

Lawson has served on multiple advisory boards and has decades of experience as a global executive with SOLA International Inc. He also has served as a contributing editor, author, and professional speaker to various optical and vision industry publications and businesses.

Hedley Lawson
Hedley Lawson

“We are thrilled for Hedley to join our board! His vision, ideas and extensive involvement in eye health both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors will be vital for our pursuit to end curable blindness,” Nabity said.

“We’re honored and humbled to have Hedley, with all his experience as a global business leader and philanthropist join our team,” Lancaster said.

About Give Sight Global

Give Sight Global is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Omaha, NE. The organization is dedicated to providing high-quality vision care to underserved communities around the world. Give Sight Global partners with professionals to provide treatment to curable blindness and other preventable eye conditions.

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