GLASKLAR Comes to Vision Expo

GLASKLAR at Vision Expo

GLASKLAR, the unique natural lens cleaning company will be exhibiting at Vision Expo East for the first time, March 17-19. GLASKLAR is in reality a customer loyalty program where your patients and customers pick out their small bottle of natural cleaning solution when dispensing eyewear and are encouraged to come back for free refills. The GLASKLAR dispensing bottle measures and delivers an exact amount of cleaner for the bottles that contain your practice or store logo on it, ensuring multiple repeat visits from customers every 6 to 8 weeks.

According to GLASKLAR Director, Gerard Daudey, “GLASKLAR has been a successful sensation around the world for many years, with over 3800 practices both large and small using our system. We are excited to come and show the visitors at Vision Expo this unique low-cost system to use in their shops to bring customers back again and again.”

For more information, visit the GLASKLAR booth inside Vision Expo at P.221 and get your free bottle of cleaner or visit their website,

GLASKLAR at Vision Expo

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