GLBL EYEWEAR Group Sign Eyewear Brand ZooBug

The GLBL EYEWEAR Group are proud to announce a long-term global licensing agreement with the world leading specialist children’s eyewear brand ZooBug.

The award-winning brand ZooBug has premiered at London’s Premier Global Kids Fashion Week, Mini Mode, showcased at top eyewear trade shows such as the SILMO trade fair in Paris; winning awards for their frames, and been the FIRST children’s brand to collab with London kids’ fashion expert and stylist, Kate Hill on a limited edition sunglasses range called ‘Las Estrellas!’

Group Chairman of The GLBL EYEWEAR Group – Didier Coton: ‘Having worn glasses since the age of 3, I am very aware of the importance in having high-quality eyewear. ZooBug is an incredible award-winning children’s brand. Both Jonathan Van Blerk and I, as well as the whole GLBL team, are very excited to work in partnership with ZooBug founder and renowned Ophthalmologist, Dr. Julie Diem Le. Our mission is not only to create high optical quality, stylish and fun frames to wear but also to make them affordable since eyewear is a medical necessity as well as a fashion accessory. We want the young up and coming generation to feel comfortable and special.’

Founder of ZooBug, renowned Ophthalmologist – Dr Julie Diem Le: ’m absolutely delighted that we have at last found a kindred spirit to represent ZooBug on a global platform. When I started the brand 15 years ago I dreamt of a day when children across the world would be able to protect their eyes with beautiful, well-fitting frames of adult-quality, not a scaled-down mini-me version but one that is designed specifically for their needs to allow them to look good and feel amazing. GLBL are passionate, committed partners who I believe will help bring that vision closer to reality and I am so excited by that prospect.’

The GLBL EYEWEAR Group are preparing to launch new collections for ZooBug as well as the much-anticipated KATEHILLXZOOBUG ‘Las Estrellas’ exclusive within the next few months following the delay with COVID-19.

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