Gotti Released New Horn Eyewear Collection

We love horn eyewear. These new pieces from Gotti are absolutely gorgeous. Every single pair of genuine horn eyeglasses is unique, with color variations ranging from dark chocolate to champagne, to snow white to dark grey. Each piece is handcrafted and hand polished to bring out the variated horn.

Babar makes a statement with rounded corners and a classic shape for both men and women.


Bardot, takes a slight uplifting feminine shape and makes it into a squarish retro look.


Baeo another feminine design in a dynamic shape. This is the buffalo horn frame for narrow faces. Its rounded corners and slightly elevated lines lend this model a refreshing note.


Betty is right on trend with a rounded 70’s look.


Bano square retro shape complements both males and females.


Gotti is available at fine speciality stores. More information is available at their store finder here. 

About: Sven Götti has designed his collection in Wädenswil on Lake Zurich since the company, götti Switzerland, was founded in 1998. All work steps are carried out in-house, from the first hand sketches to sales of new models. Only the production itself is handed over to specialized companies in Germany, Austria and Japan, which produce the eyewear using a combination of high-tech and traditional handcraftsmanship. The complete götti collection includes over 100 styles, each in 3-6 color variations and is available in more than 35 countries in approximately 1500 high-end optical shops around the world. In addition to high- quality design, functionality is also an essential factor in the götti collection. Both of these elements can be found in the latest götti collection.


Götti Switzerland won a German design Award 2014 with special mention in the lifestyle category. Travel+Leisure Magazine awarded the SPIN&STOW sunglass collection an award in the Best Travel fashion and Accessories category in 2013. This was followed by the v Award Technology Silver 2013 for innovative technology. The company received prizes for design and technical innovation with the red dot design award 2012 and the if product design award 2012. The Swiss Economic Award was presented to Götti Switzerland in 2008. This award is considered the most distinguished honor for young companies in Switzerland. The jury of experts awards companies that demonstrate extraordinary strength in terms of innovation and economic growth.