Grounds For Better Eyesight

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Many of us need our morning coffee to see well. For some soon, that expression will take on a whole new meaning as there are now eyeglasses made from coffee…or more specifically, coffee and flax.

Introducing, Ochis eyewear.

Ochis is making stylish eyewear from coffee grounds, flax meal and an organic glue based on Soybean oil. These glasses are totally organic and harmful components free. “The main idea of our glasses is an absolute refusal of petroleum plastic”, says Ochis Founder, Maxim Gavrilenko. “Glasses made from coffee grounds will decompose 100 times faster than conventional plastic glasses.”

It took more than one year to create the first working prototype through ongoing experiments with ecological composition and hundreds of strength tests and frame functionality. Then the mixed ingredients are pressed and processed on the digital machine with a mathematical certainty and perfected by hand in the end.

The result is a firm, lightweight frame, with a matte finish, velvety tactual effect and ergonomic bridge to match your face perfectly. They even have a subtle scent of coffee left in them to make java drinkers everywhere smile. A wonderful mixture created in harmony with nature and new digital technologies. All materials, used in production, are sustainable and eco-friendly and that is the most important thing for us. The frame completely degrades in soil or water and turns into the natural fertilizer for new plants when disposed of after years of use.

Maxim and his team are working on starting their new company and ramping up production from their offices in Kiev. They are planning to launch it on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform where the Ochis coffee glasses will be available for purchase with a $50 discount for the first 200 people who sign up. Check them out on their website

By the way, drinking coffee helps prevent eye damage as the antioxidants in coffee help keep your retinas healthy. A study from Cornell University found that coffee’s strong antioxidant, chlorogenic acid (CLA), is actually therapeutic for our eyes, protecting the retina and preventing retinal degeneration in mice. If consuming coffee is able to deliver CLA directly into the retina, scientists may someday be able to create specific coffee brews as treatments that can actually prevent eye damage, making your daily cup of coffee more therapeutic than ever.

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