GSRx Launches First E-Commerce Site Exclusively for Independent Practices

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CPs will retain control of the dispense and keep the profits from online sales

Scottsdale, AZ — GSRx, Inc. has announced the launch of, an optical e-commerce site created to provide independent practices with an online presence to capture more optical sales.  This provides an additional opportunity for practices to sell to patients who leave the office without buying eyewear, as well as online shoppers in their market.  Practices will make the same profit as they would from an in-office sale, minus a small processing fee.

“GSRx believes that optical patients are best served when they purchase eyewear from an independent practice,” said Dave Jochims, GSRx’s Founder and CEO.  “However, it’s undeniable that over 30% of independent practice patients are buying their eyewear somewhere else, often from an online retailer. As a supplier dedicated to supporting independents, we have created an online option where the practice retains control over the quality of the product and captures the profits.” is an extension of GSRx’s Proper Optics in-store dispensing brand, which offers complete eyewear packages designed to help keep independent practices competitive with brick-and-mortar and online retailers.  Featuring 280 frame styles and a full range of lenses, coatings and treatments using today’s best technology, Proper Optics’ recommended list prices are up to 50% lower than equivalent branded product, while providing comparable profits to the practice. will offer traditional single vision lenses, a broad range of materials, along with GSRx’s proprietary INFINITY® NON-GLARE and Prevablue® coatings, polarization and Transitions®. Patients will have the option to have their eyewear delivered to their home or to the practice.  In either case, patients can visit the practice to have the eyewear adjusted.  This will allow the practice to assure optimum eyewear performance and demonstrate the quality of their service.

Jochims emphasized that is only intended as a supplement to in-office dispensing.  “We believe that patients will always get the best vision from eyewear that is measured, fit and dispensed by the expert staff of an independent practice.  But if a patient does wish to shop online, gives practices the opportunity to maintain control and assure the best outcome.”

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GSRx is the advanced lens and coating technology provider that liberates independent optometry from overpriced suppliers. Our products perform to today’s highest standards while cutting the practice’s lab bill by up to 50%. Through our Proper Optics complete eyewear line and practice-focused e-commerce site, we help practices capture patients currently being lost to low-priced retailers.

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