Haffmans & Neumeister Unveils New Ultralight Collection

Haffmans & Neumeister introduces their lightest, most innovative, and technically sophisticated eyewear collection, the ULX Collections. Debuting this fall, these eyeglasses and sunglasses will introduce the brand’s newly developed 0.7 mm material thickness, thereby ushering in a milestone in the evolution of the flat sheet metal frame. Characterized not only by an improved fit and wearing comfort, the new ULX Collections will offer a carefully curated range of styles that are distinctive in their design language and execution.

The brand new ULX Collection is turning attention to the timelessly stylish and effortless classics, launching four universally-fitting flat sheet metal designs with a material thickness of 0.7 mm. Barely visible to the naked eye, this 0.1 mm increase is marking a technological breakthrough in the development of the sheet metal frame. Made possible by the sophisticated rivet hinge, ULX styles provide an enhanced feeling of security whilst maintaining their ultra-thin, jewelry-like aesthetic, thus offering the wearer an attractive alternative to the Ultralight Collection. The ULX Collection too is complementing Haffmans & Neumeister’s permanent eyewear portfolio, making its debut with two panto and two square shapes of international appeal. Here are just a few of the incredible new styles this fall. Check out the Haffmans & Neumeister website to see them all.


Centennial – This refined Aviator should be worn by everyone. The subtle vintage triangular lens shape and smooth lines follow the natural curves of a face. The Centennial is the aviator of all aviators.


Juno -International jet-setter, Juno is the chic, influencer little sister to Echo. An explicitly feminine papillon shape with sophisticated and elegant uplifting lines, Juno is always ready for a selfie.


Kubrick – Circuitboard, motherboard, mothership, Battlestar Galactica—take your pick; it’s all here. Kubick is a late 70s, sci-fi inspired hexagonal style featuring a bi-textured finish that exquisitely emphasizes its gem-like form.


Lovelace – Wear these to defend your dissertation. Scholarly and unisex Lovelace is a 1930s panto shape that exudes confident intelligence—fake it until you make it, right? Part of the Ultralight series, this frame is an ultra-thin timeless piece for everyone.


Shadow – A sporty early 20th-century mountain climber design stripped down to its purist form, this style was repurposed in the mid-90s among the cyber-goth community. Shadow, with its round lenses and flat, straight double-bridge silhouette, is a sleek and incognito agent.

Hamilton Sun

Hamilton – Hamilton is cool and understated. A rounded aviator that would have easily fit with early 20th-century leisure activities, such as sporting about town in a roofless automobile.

Delavault Sun

Delavault – De la… vault. Sampling late 80s oversized spectacle hits, Delavault is one of our favorite new feminine frames. Looks great with LA Gear hi-tops and a pair of Jordache jeans. Do as De La does.