Happy Green and Save $$$ Year

As we go into 2009 and start making New Year’s Resolution’s- I hope you will consider adding a little ‘Green’ into your year. A few simple and easy (and money saving) things you can do for 2009 

1.) Precycle- Tp precycle, choose products that have minimal packaging or create less waste. 

  • Buy products that can be recycled 

2.) Buy in Bulk

  • Shopping in bulk would save over $200 on supplies and $20 per year on gas
  • Buy Products with less packaging 

3.) Drive Less – Think about Telecommuting

  • Workers drive an average of 10,000 miles a year using 67.5 billion gallons of gasoline
  • 1/3 of all workers leave the office to buy food 
  • Use public transportation, or bike

4.) Save Water

  • Wear your uniforms or clothes at least 2x before putting in the wash 
  • Buy a instant water heater savings up to $150 to $200 per month on his utility bills.

5.) Save Energy- According to the EPA, a typical office building’s energy usage represents 30% of its operating costs

  • Use LED or CFL lightbulbs -change 10 light bulbs in your office. Incandescents will run you about $.25 per bulb, while CFLs will be closer to $2.50 per bulb. However, your $22.50 in savings on bulbs will seem trivial when you consider those 10 CFLs could save $65.70 a year and $360 in energy costs over the life of the bulb.
  • Turn down the thermostat
  • Put in a Programmable Thermostat -ENERGY STAR estimates a yearly savings of $180 by installing a programmable thermostat. The unit will probably cost about $60 and you could spend $50 getting it installed, but that means a savings of $70 the first year and $180 each year after that.
  • Turn off the lights when not in the room, when closed- savings over $50.00 per month  
  • Turn off the computer – that simple move can lower annual bills by $20 to $60 per computer.
  • Unplug appliances you aren’t using 
  • Put Copier in Standby mode 

6.) Recycle as much as you can

7.) Pick up Litter- 94% of Americans think litter is a problem- A litter strewn office is a dirty office. 

  • Clean up litter around your office- Even picking up 100 pieces of litter a week will make your neighborhood look better and help the environment. Plus the added benefit of exercise!

8.) Go Paperless

  • Get all your bills online and pay online
  • Use Double sided copies 
  • Print Only When Necessary- Ink cartridge costs will depend on your printer, but let’s say it’s $60 for both your black and color ink. If you cut ink purchases from once every three months to once a year, that’s $180 in your pocket
  • If you print three pages a day, that’s almost three $8 reams of paper used in a year. Print three pages a month and that same ream will last 11 years. That’s $16 in just the first year.

9.) Get rid of the Plastic (Bottles and Bags) 

  • Stop buying bottled water- take your own bottle and fill it yourself 
  • Stop using any plastic bags- buy reusable bags and use them at every opportunity. 

10.) Kitchen 

  • Disposable lunches create between 4 and 8 ounces of garbage every day or obout 10 Billion pounds of trash. 
  • Take your own coffee cup and stop buying stirrers, paper napkins, cups, sweetners and more. Savings over $100/year 
  • Take Your own lunch a savings of at least $6.00 a day
  • Eliminate Paper Towels -you’ll be lucky to find paper towels for less than $.75 per roll. That means you’re paying at least $4.50 a month for disposable towels, so cutting your use to one roll a month would save $45 per year.

11.) Buy Rechargeable Batteries: 

  • Lets say your office uses as many batteries as the average family. That’s 32 batteries a year, and you may be able to find them for $.50 apiece. You could probably get by on four rechargeables for the same purposes at $2.50 per battery, and the charger should be about $10. Add on an extra $5 for energy costs to charge your batteries (assuming you unplug the charger when not in use).This means switching to rechargeables will actually cost you an extra $9 the first year, but you’re looking at potential savings of $11 per year for who knows how many years afterward, depending on your battery use.

Green Office