Happy National Ear-Eye Muff Day 2017

March 13 is National Ear Muff Day! Once upon a time a 15 year old kid named Chester Greenwood, got tired of keeping his ears warm which ice skating in Maine. At 18 years old, he patented his Champion Ear Protectors. When he died in 1937 he had over 100 patents. Even better, The Smithsonian Institute named Greenwood one of America’s top 15 outstanding inventors and December 6th is Chester Greenwood Day in Maine.


Eye Bogglers:

  • The first ear muffs were made from beaver fur sewn on the ends of a loop of wire.
  • 1936, the year before Greenwood died, his factory turned out 400,000 pairs and
  • Farmington called itself the Earmuff Capital of the World.
  • Ear Muff or earmuff? Earmuff  as one word was first used in 1889
  • 2013 An Earmuff with bluetooth was patented (Source)

Looking back at ‘Ear Muffs’ we investigated other ear -muffy types of eyewear. We did not find too much except that fur and other fabrics have been used as adornments on temples over the years. This makes sense in cold climates, as temples tend to get very cold.

The first Muffed Temples we found were circa 1950’s.

1950 Ear Muff Eyewear. via Getty Images?
1950 Ear Muff Eyewear. Image Credit unknown

Several Catwalks have shown a muff-type of temple like this Alexander Wang x Linda Farrow for Fall 2011.

Fall 2011

Fendi Fall Winter 2013 followed up with a sparkly version on the runway in 2013.


While not an Ear Muff, Givenchy did come out with a warm look for Fall 2012.

Givenchy Fur Eyeglasses
Givenchy Fur Eyeglasses Fall 2012
Givenchy Mink Eyewear
Givenchy Mink Eyewear 2012

John Paul Gaultier Fall 2012

Natasha Morgan’s Mink Adornments is also on top of the frame, with a hood look.

Natasha Morgan
Natasha Morgan S/S 13

Yves St. Laurent’s side shields of Rabbit Fur in 2016.

Yves St. Laurent, Limited Edition Sunwear. Black leather and rabbit fur panel aviator sunglasses
2016 Yves St. Laurent, Limited Edition Sunwear. Black leather and rabbit fur panel aviator sunglasses

On Kickstarter SunMuffs received their crowdsourced goal to produce their SunMuffs which attach to the eyeglasses.