Happy National Hat Day: Eye Hats From The 1960’s

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January 15 is National Hat Day and we are celebrating with Eye Hats of the 60’s.  Last year we did The History of Eye Hats. It seems that the original Eye Hat goes back to the 50’s.  with an upsurge for space age and mod fashion of the 1960’s.  If you have not already done this, but you might consider having a Eye Hat  Event for your office. Everyone has to wear a hat, have your patients come in with crazy hats. best hat wins something. Post on your website, blog or Facebook.. A Fun engaging event. For more ideas check out our Pinterest Board: Eye Hat You. 

Op-Art 1969 Vogue

Source: flickr.com via Optical on Pinterest


Pattie Boyd in white patent leather helmet by John French.


Millinery, 1964 Photographer: Ed Pfizenmaier. 


1960 MOD Fashion


1965 Photo by Bert Stern


1966 New Kick Ad

Teen Magazine, August 1966.


Dutch magazine Libelle, May 1965.