Health and Beauty- Non-Toxic Opportunities

As I was smearing lotion and makeup on last night in preparation for New Years Eve- I got to thinking how do cosmetics effect my eye health?  Everybody uses some kind of beauty product, from toothpaste, shampoo and makeup. According to the Environmental Working Group “ The 10,500 unique chemical ingredients in these products equate to about one of every eight of the 82,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S. Personal care products contain carcinogens, pesticides, reproductive toxins, endocrine disruptors, plasticizers, degreasers, and surfactants. They are the chemical industry in a bottle.”

Plus: (this is scary)

  • Only 11% of personal care products are tested for safety
  • FDA has no authority to regulate personal care products

What does that have to do with you? As the optical professional shouldn’t you be offering beauty products that are safe for the eyes? Is this a blushing opportunity? If you go to a dentist, they offer tooth whitening, Plastic Surgeons offer makeup and I have been to a few Ophthalmologist’s office where they offer beauty products. I was in an O.D. office in Texas where they were connected to a day spa- plus dermatologists are getting into the act. None of these ‘professionals’ would be selling any health or beauty products unless- they believed in the health benefits and they were not profitable.

I can already hear what you may be thinking-

  • It costs money
  • I don’t have the space
  • I don’t know anything about beauty products
  • It’s unprofessional
  • Doesn’t fit my image
  • You’re absolutely crazy.
  • That’s way to out of the box for me!

Before you dismiss me as a ‘Whack Job’ consider the following facts:

Eye Boggling Stats:

  • Personal Care Market is $40-$60 Billion (USA) recession proof industry v.s. Optical’s measly 17 Billion dollar industry (USA)
  • Average American Women spends from $200- $5,000 per year in cosmetics. See Article in Siren Magazine (Article states Women spend $12,00- $15,000 per year)
  • The Average American Adult uses 8-10 different Skin Care products every day.

What does that mean to you? 10 Reasons to Carry Personal Care Products

1.) Your health and beauty market potential is bigger than your optical potential. Appeal to everybody rather than the 40% of Americans who have to wear corrective lenses.

2.) You would be offering a product that is good for all your patients- enhancing eye health

3.) Profit potential is excellent – The average markup is 65%.

4.) Increase word of mouth referrals- Consumers (especially women) talk about beauty products and make recommendations on where to get them.

5.) Increase Patient Retention- Offer a product that is disposable (meaning they come back over and over to purchase)

6.) Increase ‘healthy’ impulse sales

7.) Increase your ‘Talk Factor’. Gives you and your staff something else to talk about rather than insurance.

8.) Organic and Non-Toxic Products are growing at a healthy 20.9% a year v.s. a 1% in optical. New research from The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) released in 2008 reveals that consumers are increasingly incorporating organic into their lifestyles. Total household penetration across six product categories has risen from 57 percent in 2006 to 59 percent in 2007. The research also showed that the number of core users has increased from 16 percent in 2006 to 18 percent in 2007 Source:

9.) Overcome Managed Care Syndrome!

10.) It’s good for the environment.

Where to Go to Get Products?

I’ve listed a few non- toxic personal care companies below. The best resource for all personal care companies, are those who signed the Safe Cosmetic Pact. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics is a coalition working to protect your health by calling for an elimination of ingredients linked to cancer, birth defects and other health problems. Many of the listed companies are Certified USDA Organic. But all companies have been tested by Safe Cosmetics. What you will find interesting- is to plug in your personal care products and find out the toxin levels. I have now eliminated and in the process of eliminating most of my health and beauty products.

Please note- these are only a few of the signers- I have not used most of them. If you want to check them out personally- there is a store locator notation on the listing if they are sold though a brick and mortar location. Most companies do sell wholesale- you would have to call them for wholesale information.

My recommendation is to start small- put in products such as make up remover, lotions as a start and work up from there.

  1. 100% Pure – (Oakland CA) Have Store in Oakland– International but sold  on line
  2. 21st Century HealthCare Inc. International and sold at Amazon, Longs, CVS
  3. 32 Degrees North (Island  Comfort) (Encinitas, CA) sold online -Blog on site
  1. A Wild Soap Bar (Manor Texas) Store Locator on Site
  2. Abbey Brown (Chicago, Ill) has 1 retail store, sold online and Chicago Farmers Markets
  3. Abbey St. Claire (Danville, VA) sold online- no store locator on site
  4. Absolutely Organic (TX)- sold online and at Farmer’s Market in Katy Texas
  5. Acquarella LLC (Tucson, AZ) Nail polish – sold online
  6. Act By Nature,(Minneapolis, MN) Hair colorants – sold online
  7. Adriaflor (Moss Beach, CA) Hydrosols, Essentials Oils) Sold online
  8. Advanced Botanical Research (AZ) Store locator on Site
  9. Affordable Mineral Makeup (FL) sold online/consultants-  has blog on site
  10. Affusion Skin Care (Alpharetta, GA) sold online
  11. Afrumos (Portland, OR) Mineral makeup, sold online
  12. After Inked, LLC Tattoo lotion, sold online, Store locator on site
  13. Afterglow Cosmetics- sold online and Store locator on site
  14. Ageless Knowledge (Lily Dale, NY) sold online, no store locator on site
  15. Aguacate & Co. LLC  Store locator onsite, sold online
  16. AHA! Inc. (NC) Oils, sold online
  17. Ajara Ayurvedic Beauty (Central USA) Sold online
  18. Akabi Products (Montrose, CA) sold online
  19. Akron Grove Bath Products (Lockport, NY) – sold online/through consultants
  20. Alabu Soap (NY) Store locator on site
  21. Alaska Glacial Mud Co. (Cordova, AK) sold online
  22. Alchemilla Store locator on site, Blog on site
  23. Alchemist’s Apprentice -sold online
  24. Algaeron (Bradenton, FL) distributed by Sea Extracts- sold online
  25. Alima Cosmetics (Portland, OR) Sold online, Store locator on site
  26. All Natural Creations (Colorado Springs, CO) sold online
  27. All Terrain (NH) products for outdoors Store locator on site
  28. Alpenglow Skin Care (Homer, AK) sold online, store locator on site
  29. Alpha Skin Care (Staten Island, NY) sold online
  30. Alteya Organics (IL) sold online
  31. Amazon Drops/(LA, CA) sold online and a few stores in LA
  32. Amazon Superfoods,(Jupiter, FL)  Inc. sold on line, huge amount of products
  33. Amber’s Aromatherapy -sold online
  34. Amurie Toxic Free Products (Northhampton, PA) sold online
  35. Angelic Aromas (Oakland, CA) Store locator on site
  36. Anise Cosmetics (Miami, FL) Nail Care – sold online,
  37. Annae (Crystalline Skin Care)(Boulder, CO) sold on line,
  38. Anna Bellina (GA) sold online
  39. Anti-body Fair Trade,)Sierra Madre, CA_  Coop America , Blog online, sold online
  40. Aroma 1 (Woodland Hills, CA) sold online Store locator on site
  41. Aroma Crystal Therapy Ltd. sold online, store locator on site
  42. Aroma Naturals (Irvine, CA) sold on line, store locator on site
  43. AromaDance
  44. Aromafloria Natural Products (Huntington Station, NY) USDA Organic -sold online
  45. Aroma-herbals
  46. Aromaland Inc (Sante Fe, NM) sold online
  47. Aromatic Oasis (Appleton, WI) have retail store and sold online
  48. Art Marhanka, (PA) sold online, blog
  49. Aubrey Nicole Mineral Makeup & Skin Care(LA) sold online
  50. Aubrey Organics (Tampa, FL) Store locator on site
  51. Aurora Group,(Hackensack, NJ) sold online
  52. Aurora Nova, LLC (Boulder, CO) sold online
  53. Australian Scent (Brooklyn, NY) sold online, store locator on site
  54. Avalon Natural Products – sold online
  55. Ayuroma Inc. (Wheaton, IL)
  56. Azida, Inc (Sierra Vista, AZ)   Coop America, recyclable bottles, sold online
  57. B R Y C E Organics (RI)  Store Locator on Site
  58. BABYBEARSHOP (Nashville, TN) Store Locator on Site, Blog available, Coop America
  59. Badger Company(Gilsun, NH) Store Locator on Site, Coop America
  60. Ballard Organics-) Seattle, WA) Retail Store and Farmers Markets, Organic, Vegan
  61. Bamboo Aesthetics, Inc.(San Jose, CA) Sold online
  62. Bare Body Herbal Company,
  63. bareFaced Mineral Cosmetics (Venice, FL) have showroom – have store locator.
  64. Barely There Mineral Wear(MD) order online
  65. Baremineral Indulgence
  66. BaSIX and Beyond, (Springfield Gardens, NY) Order online
  67. Bath and Bubble Company(Lincoln, NE) order online
  68. Bath By Bettijo LLC (Tolleson, AZ) Sold online
  69. Bath Petals (Gardena, CA) Sold online
  70. Bath Promotions (Gardena, CA) Custom imprinted bath products
  71. Bathos (Franklin, TN) sold online
  72. Bayliss Ranch Botanicals (CA)
  73. Be Products (Newton, MA) Sold through major drugstores, Store locator on line
  74. BearDog Productions, Inc.(Scottsdale, AZ) Store locator on site
  75. Beaute Club (TX)
  76. Beaute Mineral (Fairview, OR) online
  77. Beautescentuals – Sold online- Blog on site
  78. BeauteStarr (Wetumpka, AL) day spa, products sold on line
  79. Beautiful Diva Mineral Cosmetics (Milford, CT) sold online or through consultants
  80. Beautimark (Dallas, TX) sold online- Store locator on site
  81. Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Health & Beauty Co.
  82. Beauty Bliss Cosmetics (Richland, WA) Blog on site, Sold online
  83. beauty by Saria Sold online
  84. Beauty from the Earth (Syracruse, KS) Affiliate program-, Sold online
  85. Beauty of Nature – Sold Online- Certified Organic
  86. Beauty without Cruelty (Petaluma, CA) store locator on Site
  87. Bee Soft & Natural (Bolivar, MO) sold online
  88. BeeCeuticals Organics (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) Fair Trade, Certified Organic  Store Locator
  89. Belacrema (order online
  90. Bella Bug Boutique (MO) order online
  91. Bella Lucce (Irmo, SC) Order online, Store locator on site
  92. Bella Pierre Cosmetics (international)  Retail locator on site
  93. Bella Terra (Eastern US) Recycling program, Organic Consumers Ass.
  94. Bella Ve Natural Skin Care Company – Sold online
  95. BellaPelle, Inc.(San Francisco, CA) Retail Store, sold on line
  96. Belle’s Botanicals (Chico, CA) store locator on site
  97. Belli Cosmetics (WA) Sold online, store locator on site
  98. Bellissima Trucco Minerale (Cranston, RI) sold online
  99. Benedetta (Petaluma, CA) sold online
  100. Bentlin Products, LLC (NJ) sold online
  101. Berry Towne Crafts (NC) Retail store and sold online
  102. Besso de Natura (Kalamazoo, MI) sold online
  103. Best Bath Store, (MA) Sold online
  104. BestSource Inc. (Grafton, WI) Teens, Blog on site, sold online
  105. Bethel Botanicals (online)
  106. BienElla, (Shoreline, WA) sold online
  107. Biggs & Featherbelle Sold online, Store Locator on site
  108. Biossentials (Sanibel, FL) sold online
  109. Biotropica (Beaver  Falls, PA) sold online
  110. Black Pearl Botanicals LLC (NM) sold online
  111. Blackberry Creek Natural Soap (PA) sold online
  112. Blooming Body (Pittsburgh, PA) sold online
  113. Blooming Lotus (Kansas City, MO) Co-op Approved, Store Locator on Site
  114. Blue Bell Naturals (Sold online)
  115. Blue Ridge Gypsy Studio –Store locator on site– sold through many pharmacies
  116. Bnurtured (MD) sold online, store locator on site
  117. Boda Nails- sold online, nail care
  118. Body Bistro (Beverly Hills, CA) sold online , Fair trade, Plant for the Planet
  119. Body Butter Factory (MD) retail store, sold online
  120. Body Crystal (Huntington Beach, CA) Retail Store and sold online
  121. Body Dee Lites- (PA) Sold online
  122. Body Shop International- Store locator on site
  123. Bodyceuticals – Store locator on site
  124. BodyTopia (CA) order on line
  125. Bodyware (Mission Viego, CA)
  126. Bon Sante Corp.( Eugene, OR) Private label
  127. Bonicca (Hayward, CA) sold online
  128. Botanical Earth (MO) Sold online- Blog on site
  129. Botanical Roots (CO) Sold online
  130. Botanicalbasics (Ashville, NC) Sold online- Store locator on site
  131. Botany Bath Works (Groveland, MA) sold online
  132. Brazilian Bronze Sold online, store locator on site
  133. Brittanie’s Thyme (Cedar Spring, MI) sold online, store locator on site
  134. Brown Bag Botanicals (Sacramento, CA) sold online, store locator on site
  135. Brown Butterfly (WA) Sold online. store locator on site
  136. Bubble and Bee Organic (Bountiful, UT) Sold online
  137. Bubble Goddess Bath Company (Englewood, CO)
  138. Burgundy Soap Co. (Albington, MD) Sold online, store locator on site, affiliate programs
  139. Burt’s Bees, Inc. Store Locator on Site
  140. B’Veja Botanica (Bossier City, LA) sold online
  141. By Nature Soap (Goldsboro, NC)  Retail Store and sold online
  142. Calen Hill Botanicals, (Holly Hills, NC) sold online
  143. California Baby store locator on site
  144. Canary Cosmetics (LaCrosse, WS) sold online
  145. Caribbean Blue – Natural Basics (Miami, FL) sold online
  146. Caribbean Sol (Orlando, Fl) sold online, store locator on site
  147. Carrot Tree Soaps and Essentials (Pulaksi, WI) sold online
  148. CcNatural (NY) sold online, Blog on site
  149. Cedar Spring Herb Farm (MA) sold online
  150. Chae Organics, Inc. (LaVeta, CO) sold online
  151. Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft (OH)sold online
  152. Chartreuse, Inc. – recycled packaging, home parties,
  153. Chillessence (Pennington, NJ) Co-op America, sold online
  154. Christopher Drummond Beauty : sold online
  155. Ciao Bella! Naturals: sold online
  156. Classy Minerals: sold online , affiliate program
  157. Clean George sold online
  158. CleanWell Company store locator on site
  159. Clearly Natural, LLC store locator on site
  160. Cleure Grace Products (Camarillo, CA)  sold online and home parties
  161. Climb On! Products (Wimberly, TX)  store locator
  162. Cloverleaf Farm (Effington, NH) sold online and farm stand
  163. CNaturals, Inc.  sold online – Affiliates,
  164. Coast to Coast Soapworks, Etc. Women co-op, sold online
  165. Coastal Classic Creations (Montara, CA) sold online
  166. Coastal Scents (K-Plex LLC) (Naples, FL) sold online
  167. CocoaPink sold online
  168. Cocoon Apothecary sold online, store locator on site
  169. Collective Wellbeing (Irwindale, CA) sold online
  170. Colorevolution sold online
  171. Columbus & Calhoon (AZ) sold online, store locator on site
  172. Corrective Skin Care Clinic WY, UT, clinic, sold online
  173. Cosmetics Without Synthetics (Dewey, AZ) sold online
  174. Cotton Creek Soap and Sundries (TN) sold online
  175. Country Hill (Blue Ridge, TX) sold online
  176. Created Natural (Clackamas, OR) sold online, home parties
  177. Creating Harmony LLC (Bloomington, IN( sold online, Coop America,
  178. Creation Farm(Frankfort, MI) :Soaps/ soap making supplies, blog
  179. Crush Groove Cosmetics (Soulistic NYC) sold online, affiliate program
  180. CRUSH Minerals (TX, CT) sold online
  181. CURLS (Elk Grove, CA) sold online , blog on site , for curly hair
  182. Cypress Lake Soap (Oxford, MS) sold online
  183. Daisy Blue Naturals (Albert Lea, MN) sold online, home parties
  184. Dancing Dingo Luxury Soap (Austin, TX),sold online, blog, Leaping Bunny,
  185. DASH Minerals (CMT) sold online, home parties,
  186. Dead Sea Warehouse (Incline Village, NV) sold online, store locator on site
  187. Dechant Sheer Minerals & Skin Essentials (Hutchinson, KS) sold online, store locator on site, reps
  188. Demarah wierd site, no contact info,
  189. Depth (Petaluma, CA) sold online
  190. derma e Natural Bodycare sold online, store locator
  191. Dermavidualsny USA Philidephia, PA) sold online
  192. Destiny Boutique (Oceanside, CA) sold online
  193. Devita Natural Skin Care Systems sold on line, store locator on site
  194. Dimpleskins Naturals sold online, store locator on site
  195. Disquieting Designs (PA) sold online, store locator
  196. Diva SpaWorks (TX) sold online, and shows
  197. DNA Health Institute spa, – not quite sure about this one
  198. Donna Marie Beauty Products, (Washington, DC, sold online
  199. Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps (Escondido, CA) online and Trader Joes,
  200. Dr. Fields Sacred Skin (Ft. Collins, CO) sold online
  201. Dremu Skin Care (Miami, FL) sold online
  202. Dropwise Essentials (San Francisco,CA) sold online
  203. Duchess Marden (Mill Valley, CA) Store locator on site
  204. Dulcibella Beauty Products, Inc.(Flower Mound, TX, Cellulite scrubs
  205. E Sutras (Chicago, IL) sold online USDA Organic, Coop America
  206. Earth Angel Minerals sold online
  207. Earth and Sea Essentials – (Waxahachie, TX) order online, has refillable program
  208. Earthceuticals order online
  209. Earth Elixirs, Inc.order online,- wierd site, categories don’t go anywhere.
  210. Earth Exchange Corporation (Houston, TX) sold online, for active teens
  211. Earth Mama & Angel Baby sold online, Store locator, for babies
  212. Earth Solutions (Atlanta, GA) sold online,
  213. Earth Tribe (Los Angeles, CA) sold online
  214. Earthlight Organics (Santa Barbara, CA) sold online
  215. Earth’s Beauty (Dewey,AZ) store locator on site, sold online
  216. Ecco Bella Botanical(Montclair, NJ)  store locator, sold online
  217. EclipseSpa (Danville, CA) sold online, blog,
  218. Eco Candle Company( Neenah, WI) sold online, candle maker, retail store
  219. Eco-Beauty Organics (Bonner’s Ferry, ID) sold online
  220. EcoNatura Inc (store locator on Site)
  221. Eden’s Kiss- store locator on site, blog
  222. El Milagro Herbs (Santa Fe, NM) sold online
  223. Elayne’s Garden Organics (NH) sold online
  224. Electric Body, LLC (Marina del Rey,CA_ sold online , affiliate program
  225. Elegant Minerals (PA) sold online
  226. Elina Herbal Skin Clinic(Chicago, IL, MI) sold online
  227. Elysian Dream (Marysville, WA) sold online
  228. Emani Minerals (Norco, CA) sold online
  229. emerginC (NY,NY) sold online
  230. Emily Skin Soothers, Inc (Ipswich, MA) sold online, Store locator on site
  231. Emz Blendz Soap Co. (Ashland, OR) order online, Co-op America, retail store
  232. Enchantress Body Shoppe (TN) retail store, sold online
  233. Encoura (Madison, WS) sold online
  234. Enfusia-Cocoon sold online
  235. Enticed by Nature (Smithtown, NY) sold online
  236. EO Products/Small World Trading Co Inc. (CA) Blog on site
  237. Epicurean Shea Butter Company affiliate program , store locator on site
  238. Erbaviva (CA) USDA Organic
  239. Erth Minerals – store locator on site, makeup blog
  240. ESP Essential Skin Products TM Inc. (FL)
  241. Essence of Vali (NY)
  242. Essential Garden (Lockport, NY) sold online
  243. Eufora International (San Diego, CA) store locator on site
  244. European Salt Works-sold online, Friends of the Earth
  245. Evanhealy Skin Care (sold online )
  246. Eve Organics sold online, truth in labeling, Coop America, Organic
  247. Everlast Beauty, Inc. (Orem, UT) sold online
  248. Everyday Lip Gloss (MI)retail store and sold online
  249. Everyday Minerals(TX) sold online
  250. Faerie Made (Asheville, NC) sold online, store locator
  251. Faerie Organic- sold online
  252. Fairmax Ontario Inc – sold online
  253. Faith Skincare (laguna Beach, CA) sold online
  254. Farah D, LLC (Arlington, TX) sold online, store locator on site
  255. Farfalla Essentials sold online
  256. Farmaesthetics(Portsmouth, RI) sold online
  257. Federmal Therapeutic Skin Care (skokie, IL) sold online
  258. FemLogic.(Canyon Country, CA) sold online
  259. Ferlow Botanicals (Vancouver, BC) sold online
  260. FERRO Cosmetics(Buffalo, NY) sold online, blog, affiliate program
  261. Fire and Water Sundries (AZ) sold online
  262. Florere, Inc. (Winnekta, CA) sold online, store locator on site
  263. Flower Peddler (Mechanicsville,VA) sold online, store locator on site
  264. For My Kids sold online, store locator on site, affiliate program

Resources and Articles

“US marshals seized 12,682 applicator tubes of Age Intervention Eyelash, the use of which can damage some users’ eyesight. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked the marshals to seize the cosmetic eye products, which have a market value of over $2 million.”

From Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America- “Certain medications and cosmetics can also cause eye allergy symptoms.  By way of response to these allergens and irritants, the body releases chemicals called histamines, which in turn produce inflammation.”

The Independent- Article on Botox

Breast Cancer Fund

Womens Health-

U.S Food and Drug Administration- Eye Cosmetic Safety


From the Organic Trade Association

  • U.S. sales of organic food and beverages have grown from $1 billion in 1990 to an estimated $20 billion in 2007, and are projected to reach nearly $23 billion in 2008. Organic food sales are anticipated to increase an average of 18 percent each year from 2007 to 2010. Source: 2007 OTA Manufacturer Survey  Representing approximately 2.8 percent of overall food and beverage sales in 2006, this continues to be a fast growing sector, growing 20.9 percent in 2006. Source: 2007 OTA Manufacturer Survey
  • Organic non-food sales grew 26 percent in 2006. Source: 2007 OTA Manufacturer Survey
  • Total U.S. organic sales, including food and non-food products, were $17.7 billion in 2006, up 21 percent from 2005. They are estimated to have reached $21.2 billion in 2007, and are projected to surpass $25 billion in 2008.Source: 2007 OTA Manufacturer Survey