Hemp And Turmeric – Handcrafted Eyewear For 4/20

Hemp Eyewear Turmeric

Edinburgh-based design studio Hemp Eyewear has released a new eyewear innovation using sustainable, natural materials. Pioneers of the world’s first hemp fiber eyewear, the brand has created a new optical frame using organic hemp combined with Turmeric, a bold and vibrant spice used since ancient times as a natural dye.

With an aim to experiment with natural raw materials to develop a range of plastic alternatives, the new ‘Primrose’ optical style pushes the boundaries of sustainable design by adding unexpected ingredients to Hemp Eyewear’s signature seven-step process (more details here). The Turmeric colorway is one of a range of natural pigments used in the collection, from blueberries to beetroot, and complements the bold, statement cat-eye style.

Hemp Eyewear Turmeric Hero
Hemp Eyewear Turmeric Hero

“We wanted to push the boundaries of our sustainable technology and develop exciting new combinations. Turmeric was the perfect choice for a bright, vibrant color with a positive impact on the planet” according to Sam Whitten, Founder of Hemp Eyewear.

Hemp Eyewear was founded by Sam Whitten in 2016, built upon a passion for sustainability, transparency, and craft. All Hemp Eyewear products are 100% natural and vegan, with each frame handmade in Edinburgh using organic hemp grown in France. The collection includes both prescription glasses and sunglasses for all genders, and each style comes with a hemp box, pouch, and microfibre cloth.

The brand offers free repairs with a lifetime guarantee and provides a recycling service and modular design system as part of its journey towards a fully circular business model. There is also a custom service, allowing personalized name engraving and choice of shape, lens, and frame colors.

Check the entire Hemp Eyewear line on their website.

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