HILX Performance Collection 2024

HILX Eyewear has expanded its global presence in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia with an offer of Sunglasses & Goggles for different outdoor activities and a sport-style Optical collection for every athlete and every vision need.

HILX has unveiled new styles of sunglasses and they presented a new Optical series “VIZO” with unique patented designs: the DISLO™ hinge and the CLAW™ with extendable temple end tips.


The PREDICTOR enables the adjustment of temple curvature angles, resulting in a better fit for the head so the wearer can feel a sense of secure and comfortable fit between the frame and their head, enhancing reliability and comfort. Temple end tips can be extended to achieve a fully wrapped head effect. When engaging in sports activities, it can be securely fastened to the head for added stability. The frames are made out of TR90 plastic titanium which makes them as light as thin air!


The SAVAGE 2.0 sports performance eyewear is capable of withstanding every element that obstructs your pathway. The mirrored photochromic XVIZ™ lens option on this monster provides you with the opportunity to cater your vision to your surroundings. The spherical lenses on these brutes are ideal for road biking and come stocked with H2OFF double hydrophobic coating, Anti-Glare, and Triple scratch-resistant coating. The Swiss-engineered plastic titanium frame coupled with the patent screwless ZNAP™ hinge and the Oktopuz™ grip tips guarantee a snug and secure fit.


The GLADIATOR, another sports performance eyewear will make you a force to be reckoned with, while you out-compete those who dare to challenge you. The vented lenses come strapped with Anti-Glare, H2OFF and Triple Scratch Resistant coating ensuring a crystal clear line of sight while on the battlefield. The TR90 frame paired with ZNAP™ hinge guarantees a featherweight weapon that is virtually indestructible.


With its NOMAD GREEN series including 4 styles (Feral, Interloop, Rebel, Valkyrie), HILX is going greener by using bio-based material G850 from Arkema, a French-based material manufacturer. In addition, the sun lenses in Nomad Green are made of Tritan Renew material. The leaf end tip design and the fully recyclable and biodegradable packaging are gentle reminders that these sunglasses contribute to a circular economy and further reduce the environmental impact of the eyewear.


About HILX

HILX Eyewear is a sports eyewear brand born in Squamish, the Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. The creation of the Hilx brand is a personal story based on traveling around the globe both for pleasure and business, and the desire of creating a highly functional performance and sustainable eyewear at affordable prices.

HILX Eyewear launched its first project in 2017 for global travelers named “Unfold. Since then, their team has created a performance eyewear brand for a variety of outdoor activities and active lifestyles. Today, the HILX brand comprises a range of Sunglasses & Goggles for all your adventures, with a series for cycling, hiking, running, snow, mountain biking and just looking good in the sun. They also launched their first sport-style prescription glasses collection.

Distributed in the USA by Danshari USA.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024


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