Hip Optical Redefines Fast With New Robotic Lens Lab

Hip Optical

With the advent of 2021, the American fashion eyewear company Hip Optical has opened its own laboratory in Pompano, Florida. The new lab now supports the production of all Hip Optical orders in the United States, laying another milestone in the brand’s history to grow stronger, faster, and more independently.

After years of planning and preparation, Hip Optical successfully found its way to streamline the production process with state-of-the-art robotic machinery in order to eliminate delays and achieve the fastest shipping. With the power of robots, the lab shields itself from risks from human contact, which is especially relevant against the backdrop of the pandemic.

Energizing Florida’s industrial scene, the lab runs like a well-oiled machine. Once an order is placed on www.hipoptical.com, it is fulfilled within one business day. This ground-breaking delivery time is the calculated result of Hip Optical’s pioneering ventures aiming to make buying glasses online as easy as ordering groceries.

This lab symbolizes the perfect marriage of artisan craftsmanship and modern efficiency. Hundreds of elegant prescription glasses come to life in the lab every second. With productivity greatly boosted, a slew of Hip Optical best-selling glasses move from “out of stock” to “out for delivery”.

Meanwhile, the lab works seamlessly with Hip Optical‘s online operation to create a 100% delightful experience for customers. The website runs 24/7 live chat to keep customers accompanied even at 3 in the morning so they always have someone to chat with when the shopping mood is on.

Hip Optical’s compromise-to-none attitude is also reflected in their communication. An in-house marketing team and a fashion photography studio allow Hip Optical to visualize a world of fashion and share its dreams and stories with fans on social media.

It has been made evident that consumers always reward the brands that go above and beyond to create surprise-and-delight moments with their products and services. Hip Optical’s lab is the stunning embodiment of its determination to make customers happy.

Hip Optical blends the world of fashion and prescription eyeglasses with luxury quality eyewear at prices that don’t break the bank. All eyeglasses are US $95 including made-in-America prescription lenses. Every order comes with 24/7 customer service, free USA shipping, and buy-one-donate-one charity. For more information, please visit www.hipoptical.com.

SILMO PARIS 20-23 September 2024