History Of Heart Shaped Sunwear

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Heart Shaped Eyewear/Sunwear is an iconic look today going back to the 1950’s.  The story of Lolita in 1962 and in 1997 brought about a global awareness of the kitsch nature of Valentine Eyewear. In celebration of Valentines Day, we thought we would do a feature on Heart Shaped Glasses back to the early days.

What we do know is the first heart shaped seem to show up around the 50’s. This particular image we have all seen, estimating around 1950’s.

Don’t know whose these are from and how old, based upon the size, hair style and clothing would guessamate late 50’s to early 70’s

Lolita worn heart shaped sunglasses in the movie in 1962, which sparked off a fad for the products.

Lolita 1962 and unknown
Lolita 1962 and unknown

George Harrison is seen wearing Heart Shaped Sunglasses around 1970’s

George Harrison and Marianne Faithful (?)
George Harrison and Marianne Faithful (?)
1975 Donyale Luna
1975 Donyale Luna

Vogue Magazine 1993

Vogue Magazine 1993

Even notable eyewear designers created their own heart shaped sunglasses.

Oliver Goldsmith heart Sunnies
Oliver Goldsmith heart Sunnies
Lolita Movie 1997

What we do know, that heart shaped glasses seem to never go out of style. Celebrities wearing heart shape glasses have ranged from Paris Hilton to Kelly Osborne to Lady Gaga.

Heart Celebrities copy
Kelly Osborne, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton
Joseph Gordon Levitt , Elle Fanning, Madonna, Bridget Marquardt
Joseph Gordon Levitt , Elle Fanning, Madonna, Bridget Marquardt

Fashion retailers as Urban Outfitter sell Heart Eyewear. Some Fashion Designers are know for their heart motifs, such as Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and Daisy Fuentes Eyewear.

Agatha Ruiz del La Prads 2008

Various forms of hearts show up on the catwalk from time to time.

Betsey Johnson Spring Summer 2009

betsy Johnson sunglasses

Moschino Runway Heart Eyewear in 2010

2010 Moschino http://hunoofsworld.blogspot.com
2010 Moschino hunoofsworld.blogspot.com

Cutler and Gross with Giles Deacon For Spring Summer 2012

Cutler and Gross

Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow on the Runway in 2012

Jeremy Scott Heart

You can see more examples of Heart Shaped Eyewear on our Pinterest Board. 


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