Holiday Shopping—Consumer Trends and Retail Tips

If consumers don’t think of you as a resource for holiday shopping, then you’re not sending the holidayright message.  Here are some current retail trends plus steps you can take immediately to build holiday business both in-office and online.

SMALL.Saturday, Nov. 25, is Small Business Saturday. If that describes your format, post on social media your participation in this annual, consumer-coaxing event. Even better, focus on independent eyewear as well, and you’ll be delivering a super dual message—small business + independent business.

VALUE. 55% of Gen X’ers admit they are driven by the DEAL- holiday season. What can you do to grow business with them? Offer a couple of limited-time specials. Making offers time sensitive gives consumers a sense of urgency, especially this time of year.

SERVICE. Millennials are the most likely shoppers to go over budget and actually buy something they hadn’t intended to around the holidays. What’s driving additional spending? Unique product, limited-time offers, and great service. The power of sound service doesn’t just appeal to Millennials, though. According to The National Retail Federation, 86% of consumers of ALL ages say they will pay more for good service.

CURATE! When it comes to product preferences, RSR Research reports, “Part of the reason why department stores and some specialty retailers are in a world of hurt is because Millennials don’t want to go into stores and wander, and they definitely don’t want to wear logos emblazoned on their chest. They favor curated assortments that are in line with who they are.” The take-away? If any category can create curated assortments, it’s optical.RETURNS. Seniors and Boomers, on the other hand, report that no-hassle shopping and the ability to return or exchange, are driving some of their purchasing. In fact, 65% of consumers over age 65 say they’ll spend more if they’re confident of an easy shopping experience and a no-hassle return/exchange policy.

GIVING. Consumers, especially those over age 55, also report that giving is critical. They say it’s not something they would be willing to give up, regardless of their financial status. Add that to the fact that cause marketing is the hottest trend in marketing today, and giving is a win-win for you, your community, and your patients.

So, what have you done to connect with consumers this holiday season? Tell us and share in the conversation on Facebook here.