Hoot and Haag-Streit Partner To Modernize Education Of Kids Myopia

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Hoot Myopia Care.com (owned by Hoot Health, Inc.), a digital marketing automation platform for eye doctors practicing myopia management, announced that Haag-Streit, a leader in developing medical devices in the field of eye care, will partner with Hoot to deliver specific programs for ECPs to diagnose, educate and demonstrate myopia management and monitoring in kids.

Haag-Streit will work with Hoot to co-produce educational digital content and myopia-specific workflows and integrate it into the Hoot ecosystem. The digital content, integration, and outreach effort by Haag-Streit and Hoot intends to elevate the sophistication and credibility of eye care practices so that more parents get educated and engaged in their child’s myopia management program offered by their ECP.

“Eye Care Professionals have a tremendous opportunity to radically change the course of myopia progression in kids by using more effective ways of diagnosing, measuring, and communicating with parents using the Lenstar Myopia biometer and Hoot’s digital platform. When parents see how far their child is progressing on that curve of axial length, it becomes compelling enough to take action. Coupled with Hoot’s video content parents receive, that action from parents translates to better patient outcomes which is what we strive for each day.”, said Dr. Shefali Miglani, Chief Medical Officer of Hoot Myopia Care.com.

“Using technology to improve patient outcomes is at the heart of everything we do at Haag-Streit. And we are delighted to partner with Hoot because of their digital content and platform’s ability to empower ECPs to do what they do best – provide quality myopia management care for patients.”, said Garrett O’Connell, VP of Sales & Marketing, Haag-Streit USA.

About Haag-Streit

Haag-Streit USA, based in Mason, OH is the subsidiary of the Haag-Streit Group, which is a medical device company operating in the field of eye care based near Bern, Switzerland. Learn more: https://www.haag-streit.com/haag-streit-usa/

About Hoot

Hoot is a marketing automation platform for eye care professionals to help them grow and scale their myopia management practice. Learn more: www.HootMyopiaCare.com/get-hoot/


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